May 102010

I have started doing a bit of work on the Cortex system sci-fi space game I have been setting up. I realized that this is kinda a big experiment for me. I haven’t really had to develop a world from scratch that is this large. I realize I am only taking a small part of it and focusing heavily on that aspect. I have also used another big experiment by giving the player a lot of say in what happens and what is in the world. I have said very little about where things are and what actually exists. This is very intentional and the few places my players have made are great. If this world catches on it could give our group a good sandbox to play some great games in. I already have a few ideas for future ones, but I should really stick to writing the one coming up. It seems we have hit a good point in time to start it also. We just got a new player, schedules are clearing out, and we just finished a game recently.

I have been doing some thinking about what technology exists in this world. It is interesting to see what other people come up with and how it relates to your views of the world. I think I am swinging a bit low tech and may need to bring things up a notch. It seems some people like the tech level I have in my head though. We will be talking about a few things before the game. I hope giving my players a great deal of power in creating the universe actually gives them some attachment to it. If people like the setting and are engaged with it the games will almost always be better.

I sure I will have some more thoughts about all this in the near future.

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