Sep 292009

Last night I finally pounded through Bladerunner and I must say it was not as good as I hoped. Aesthetically it was super sweet and oozed cyberpunk out of every possible place. I found it somewhat disjointed and hard to follow. Plus the ending was not as good as the book by far, and I don’t think the book made a big deal about the four year lifespan part. I think the book played more towards the identity part. I really enjoyed the “I think therefore I am” reference by one of the androids. I wonder what Descartes would think about that.

I put another hard drive in my computer recently and have been installing games like a crazy person. I picked up UFO: Aftershock after a long break and forgot how much I fuggin’ love that game. I only have a few issues with it, the primary one being it’s buggy nature, but they are tolerable in my opinion. It makes me wish they would redo the graphics, scrap the current geoscape and replace it one styled after the old X-Com games and release it under that title. Seriously, X-com was epic. I played Terror from the Deep like mad and loved it to death. Apocalypse was… well… It was lots of good ideas that were poorly presented and implemented in my humble opinion. I would go crazy for a new X-Com game. Take the geoscape setup from UFO and TftD, updated a bit obviously, packaged with the real time environment of Aftershock and some minor tweaking to the diplomacy. I could die a happy man then. I dig the squad setup from Aftershock and the weapon composition and training systems are pretty sweet too. I should give Afterlight another shot. Never could really get into it for some reason.

I’ll just throw this out there too. Me and Tim are starting up a quick blog to share some of what we have learned over time about running RPGs. So, if you ever wanna see what goes through our heads or the things we have learned over time head on over and check out Throw Out The Dice. We should have some content posts pretty dang soon. So check it out soon.

If you like Earthdawn, fantasy, power metal, or are not a huge tool you should go check out Logar’s Diary. They are a power metal band from Germany that sings about Earthdawn. Their stuff is a couple years old it’s still epic.

EDIT: OMFG while snagging the link to wikipedia for the x-com entry I found an X-Com board game and pretty much pooped my pants. I am way to excited about this.

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