Jan 042010

I feel like I have been away form this for months when in reality is has been something like 2 days.  I blame all the new years crap and the extra work involved with that.

My good fiend, Tim, just got married on the 2nd. It was a pretty exciting day for him and I want to wish him the best in his new life. If you don’t see some post on Throw out the Dice from him give the guy a break. He deserves the time to be with his new wife. Me on the other hand, I am just lzy and forgetful.

I should talk about that a bit. I don’t pre-write my articles like Tim does. I write and post whatever is on my mind that night. Because we have not been gaming for the last few weeks due to holidays and marriage and such I have not had much on my mind. This in turn leads me to staring blankly at a computer screen until I give up. I should be all smart and get a backlog of articles, but that is just not me I guess.

We are starting gaming back up which is pretty sweet. Don’t know what we are going to do, but it should be fun. With Tim leaving I have to pick up the GM slack that has been left. Tuck has stepped up and agreed to run some games and I’m hoping I can con others into doing it as well. I don’t know about everyone else, but I like lots of different things going on. I like different games and settings. It keeps me interested. I also just ordered the core book for Ironclaw which should be interesting. Looks like a fun system and all, but getting people to play it may be tough.

Victory is mine for the time being. I managed to get Xubuntu 8.04 running on that old laptop. Now I just need to get the wireless card working. It’s an old Proxim silver card and finding the stuff to get it going has been tough. I have seen a few ways to possibly do it but all of them are pretty in depth. I home I am just missing something easy. I may set that project aside and work on throwing together a crappy print server for my parents. That could be tragic.

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