Jan 312010

Man I am bored. I have been doing a touch of studying for the N+ Exam, but it is starting to bore the shit out of me. I know I need to get moving on it but ugh…. it’s just soul rending. Eventually I will get my act together and just get the crap done. Then I get to move onto A+…. yay….

I finally have my server up and running somewhat. I have a DHCP server running along with an Apache server that obviously works only internally. My next goal is to configure my DNS zones which still kinda confuses me. I am using Ubuntu Server 9.10 running BIND and I am doing most of the configuration using Webmin. The DHCP was easy enough and the web server was already configured, but my previous work with the DNS stuff has yielded little. I am kind of confused on how the zones need to be set up. First do I need to set up one zone for my internal network and then one for my external domain? I guess I don’t really know what I need to do. Eventually I am going to move my externally hosted domain over to my own hardware and that whole setup is just a bit fuzzy. Any advice on the subject would be helpful.

I have decided I need to pick up the pace for the space game. I also need a better name than “the space game” so any ideas are welcome. I am going to try setting aside one hour a week just to work on gaming stuff only. I will probably put in more time throughout the week, but this is just dedicated time specifically for this. I am trying to collaborate with a few people as well so that may hold things up. I can still do lots of game/world writing for weeks to come. I have been considering using a wiki to keep track of information on the world. I have heard this is a really good way, but I don’t really know many people who have used that.

On a side not to people in my gaming group: We seem to be swapping games quite a bit and I was wondering if we want to keep a Google Calendar with a schedule that shows what game we will be playing that day or if it is canceled. Thoughts on that? I don’t mind keeping it going and I can toss it up on my site for quick access. Also I have a forum sitting an doing nothing would anyone want to use it for gaming info or even Throw out the Dice? Feedback appreciated if any of you kids read this.

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