Feb 282010

Wow writing here has completely slipped my mind. I feel like nothing has been done this week. I have a few projects I need to get done and a few games to prepare for.

My parents gave me their old laptop to get some data off. It is running windows ME and it hurts my soul. I am hoping it will be relatively simple. I finally have all the cables to hook it up to the network. I hate those adapters for the card slots. It’s hard to believe that a phone jack was more important than an Ethernet jack. Modems suck… a lot.

A also have been trying to get the IDE/SATA converter working on an old computer. It is not recognizing the HDD and I don’t know what is going on with it. I haven’t had much time to mess with it though. My computer area is getting pretty cluttered. I need to get some more power strips. That whole area need to be shuffled around. I will have to spend some time with those computers.

I picked up Oblivion the other day. I forgot how much I enjoy games like that. I have been playing it pretty heavily. I’m sure in the next week I will have the editor up and running and be doing something with that. I have a problem with making half finished projects with games. I think I have only finished two things and both of those were pretty small. I should do some scripting. It would be good to get a feel for basic programming. Maybe if I learned how to do it I would enjoy it…. probably not.

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