Jul 052010

We finally got around to adding some more structures to our airsoft course and actually played some more games. A few new people started coming as well. It has been good all around. I took a solid hit to the lip which is still bruised and scabby, but it was worth playing still.

Dan go a few pictures to show a sort of overlay to our field. He standing on a car when he took it which is kind of the back end of the course that is shown in the pictures. There are a few things behind it but not too much. The first two pictures are supposed to be side by side. You can see the edge of the low barricade in the first picture that is on the left side in the second. The table in the second picture is a shooting bench actually. The third picture you can see more of the course straight on. It is tough to see the low profile objects in the distance. All these pictures were taken before we added some “graffiti” to our buildings. Everything looks much more spaced out in the pictures in my opinion. The ranges are really good and are not too close so the hits hurt a ton, but not too far away where hitting something is impossible.

I also have a few pics of us playing to give a feel for being near some of the cover. This house is the larger building on the left side of the first course picture.

This is on the opposite side of the same house in the picture above. We tossed a couple tires on the corner to give a bit of cover.

This is one of the low barricades they are coming around.

This is one of our corner walls near the back edge of the course. These are actually one of our favorite things it seems. They get used quite a bit. You can also see some of the “graffiti” in a couple of the pictures. More will get added in the future to make it look like it has been layered over time. It really helped make the obstacles more interesting.

There is a quick tour of what we have been doing. Hopefully I will have more in the future. We are still planning on expanding the course outwards a bit as it is kind of narrow right now. I’ll post more when something happens.

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