Earthdawn Dice Roller

I have stopped developing this app for now for a couple reasons. I had a drive failure on my computer and lost the source code and (possibly) the private key for signing the application. I will more than likely have to recode the whole apps, which is probably a good thing as I have learned a great deal more about programing. Also, I haven’t been playing Earthdawn recently. It seems Redbrick is turning away from the Earthdawn system for more established systems and focusing on using Earthdawn as a setting. This makes the application much less useful. So for now please feel free to use the current application, but there is little chance of updates in the near future. A huge thanks to everyone who has used it and those who have given feedback.


This app is a dice roller for the table top RPG Earthdawn. You input the step number you want to roll and the program will roll all the appropriate dice, as well as accounting for ‘exploding’ dice. Now supports both 3rd edition and Classic dice tables.

I don’t expect anything for this app, and you have my gratitude for downloading and using it. If you feel like making a donation I sincerely appreciate it, but don’t feel obligated to. Just use the app to make your games run better and I will be more than happy.

Planned Updates

  • Improve UI
  • Recode rolling to be more efficient
  • Include steps 1-4
  • Add app icon
  • Localize for other languages


Current: Ver 1.7

  • Fixed a force close issue when rolling in landscape layout


Ver 1.6

  • Added Karma dice check box. This includes functionality for classic and 3rd Ed. Options has areas to select race die for classic.


Ver 1.5

  • Added Classic Dice tables
  • Added option to show dice value
  • Changed how rolling is handled

Ver 1.4

  • Added landscape mode


Ver 1.3

  • Increased maximum step to 40

Ver 1.2

  • Initial release version
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