Jan 232011

Moved the site from it’s subdomain to the main fridgewire.com address. Messed up a bunch of crap in the process. Was a good night. I really broke the heck out of it.

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Dec 202010

I suppose I should put at least some reference to my Earthdawn Dice Roller app on the Android market since this is the website I put on my developer account.

First, thanks to all the people who have downloaded it and are using it (about 20 of you at this time!). I appreciate the installs and I hope the app works well for you all. Feel free to drop comments and requests here if you have something you would like to see or just want to say something else.

Second, I am planning to recode a good portion of the app in the near future. I’m sure some people noticed but I am a big huge noob programmer. This is the only program I have written outside of the stuff I did for one class back in college. I am learning a great deal from this program and as a result need to redo some of my… they aren’t really mistakes…. but less than desirable programing techniques.  Bear with me as I learn, things should only get better in time.

Last, I will toss up a tab on this site for my app(s) so I can leave specific  information about each one. I will plan on having that up in the next couple days, if not sooner. I have plans to try making a really simple game to get more coding under my belt. Wish me luck!

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Dec 102010

I’m guessing nobody has really noticed much, but the www.fridgewire.com page has been down for like a year or so. I never rebuilt it after wiping out the site due to some sneaky sneaky malware that got in. I have been thinking about what to do for a redesign and I have a few ideas and I will do a little more planning to get it all implemented. HTML/CSS are very much not a strength of mine, so this will be interesting. I will probably use something pre-packaged, but who knows. Maybe a streak of ambition will show itself with me. More likely I will try to con someone I know into building it. Only the future will know.

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Nov 222010

Wow it has been some time since posting. I got the yearning a few days ago and finally decided to make another post for fun. Things have been busy, mostly me trying to keep myself busy with projects and stuff. Got some of the programming off the ground and am taking it very very slowly so I don’t rupture my brain. Maybe someday I will finish it.

Pick up a cheap server tower and have converted that into the server for my house. It a Dell PowerEdge T110 that I got for cheap. Right now it is running Ubuntu Server(64) 10.10 with Virtualbox running more servers that are the main controllers. Right now I only have one running DNS and DHCP for the house, but more will come soon. I’m kinda experimenting with virtualizing as much as I can. I tried using KVW, which Ubuntu has built in, but I ran into troubles with network devices. I couldn’t get KVM to share one network device with the host and all the VMs. I know that would be a major choke point, but my traffic is pretty low as it is. I’ll mess with stuff more and see where things go. I’m going to try to get my thirdshifthero.com domain pointed to my hardware still. Made progress but still far off.

Got some new airsoft goodies also. I’ll probably talk about those and throw up some pictures when we do our winter game. Should be a blast.

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Sep 052010

I kinda have a sad dilemma going on. For a long time I have avoided anything to do with programming. I had a class in college that pretty much destroyed any desire for me to learn it at all. Now, about 4 years later I have been glancing back at it longingly, but without any knowledge or base to begin. I sort of feel it’s “too late” to do anything about it. Most of it is technically beyond me, I haven’t looked at a math formula since getting out of college, and I don’t feel I have the immense amount of time to put into learning something so complex.

The major disappointment for me is thinking about all the stuff that was explained to me so long ago and finally GETTING IT! It took years for me to finally understand what we were doing and probably was the result of actually learning the math behind it as the last class I took (good timing right). I have dabbled very slightly, but soon realize that this is all way way beyond my knowledge in every way.

Well, I guess I haven’t given up completely. I am looking for small ways to practice at all. I have done very very small amount of addon coding for WoW, but that is about it. Are they any good languages to use to get into it? Is there a good way to get into it? I know there is no quick way to learn programming, I just want a little bit of knowledge with the ability to actually write a very simple code. Well that is my sad story. Any help is appreciated.

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Jul 192010

Got back a couple days ago from Sonshine festival in Willmar, MN. This is probably the seventh(?) year I have gone and it was a blast. The big highlight for me was seeing one of my favorite bands, Bleach, play again after they stopped six years ago. It was pretty rad. Can’t wait to hear their new album when it get released.

The O.C. Supertones also played a show after stopping 5 years ago and that was a rad show as well. Good to hear some ska again. Seeing  both of these bands really made the trip for me. I listened to these guys for a long time and Bleach is pretty much the band that got me into the music I listen to now.

Got to hear some pretty big bands as well. August Burns Red was there again and was a pretty hard core show as always. They are never a let down and it was a high energy and insane show. Saw Project 86 for the first time and was pretty impressed. They had a really solid live sound. I picked up their newest CD and so far I am really digging it. Check out the video for “The Destroyer” on their site. It is a good time.

This was my first time seeing Showbread live, and their first time at Sonshine. I really enjoyed that show. They played a couple songs I didn’t expect and I was happy about that. I managed to talk to Drew after the show for a couple moments also. Really nice guy, hope they keep making some solid music and the new album works out for them. They are releasing it for free on their site when it is recorded.

I also got to see a few bands from the Midwest who are “hometown” favorites of mine. Children 18:3 has been there ever since I can remember and is always a wild show. Your Memorial played late in the night, and was super metal. Can’t wait to hear their new record. The Suit was amazing as always and we picked up their new CD. I was surprised how much vocal talent they had going on. I didn’t remember that from last year. The first show we caught was And The Greatest of These. A security guard from the previous year was the singer in that band and they sounded awesome. I hope they stick together and we can see them next year.

The only thing that sucked was we got hit by severe weather the last day. Huge wind gusts and driving rain almost toppled out camp. It got so bad and because of the threat of possible tornadoes we had to head for shelter for about half an hour until things calmed down and it was looking safe. The weather was pretty wild. All in all it was a great time and I can’t wait for next year.

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Jul 052010

We finally got around to adding some more structures to our airsoft course and actually played some more games. A few new people started coming as well. It has been good all around. I took a solid hit to the lip which is still bruised and scabby, but it was worth playing still.

Dan go a few pictures to show a sort of overlay to our field. He standing on a car when he took it which is kind of the back end of the course that is shown in the pictures. There are a few things behind it but not too much. The first two pictures are supposed to be side by side. You can see the edge of the low barricade in the first picture that is on the left side in the second. The table in the second picture is a shooting bench actually. The third picture you can see more of the course straight on. It is tough to see the low profile objects in the distance. All these pictures were taken before we added some “graffiti” to our buildings. Everything looks much more spaced out in the pictures in my opinion. The ranges are really good and are not too close so the hits hurt a ton, but not too far away where hitting something is impossible.

I also have a few pics of us playing to give a feel for being near some of the cover. This house is the larger building on the left side of the first course picture.

This is on the opposite side of the same house in the picture above. We tossed a couple tires on the corner to give a bit of cover.

This is one of the low barricades they are coming around.

This is one of our corner walls near the back edge of the course. These are actually one of our favorite things it seems. They get used quite a bit. You can also see some of the “graffiti” in a couple of the pictures. More will get added in the future to make it look like it has been layered over time. It really helped make the obstacles more interesting.

There is a quick tour of what we have been doing. Hopefully I will have more in the future. We are still planning on expanding the course outwards a bit as it is kind of narrow right now. I’ll post more when something happens.

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Jun 212010

I have mentioned this to a few other people, so I thought I would toss some thoughts out on it here. I’m sure lots of people would disagree with me.

Basically I am somewhat frustrated with the lack of anything new in the tech world. Yeah, we keep getting faster chips that run cooler and are smaller, but that isn’t anything new. That is refining something. It is not groundbreaking. It isn’t going to make a huge change to our lives anytime soon. It may contribute to future innovation, but right now it’s just the same thing, but better. The things I am curious about seem a few years out. Things like home quantum computing, or full AR on a large scale. It almost feels like AR should have happened by now on a slightly larger scale. I am disappointed we don’t have a solid wireless network that is compatible with all devices. Am I the only person who thinks that is possible and should be here by now? Maybe I am expecting too much right now. It seems like we have the capacity for great things, but feels like we are moving so slow…

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Jun 072010

Apparently I have this blog that I write in and stuff, but I feel like I haven’t put anything of value in it for the last month or two. That probably won’t change tonight at all. I haven’t done much with anything lately. I have been writing up some documents for the space game and I wish I could share them, but I don’t wanna ruin anything for the players.

Airsoft is at a standstill. Very few games and no building lately.  I haven’t worked on any tech projects at all. It is just kinda blah right now. Maybe I’ll have something to report in the near future, but right now ain’t much happening. I need to get motivated on something.

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May 302010

I finally started writing the space game adventure. I really really suck at actually writing stuff out. I usually just wing it when I do things. This may end up pretty complex and it is a good thing I am writing it out. I have decided to run this as a very open ended adventure. I am basically writing two part. The setting which will include the system and what is in it, and the time line which is what has happened and what is happening in the system. I am avoiding planned encounters for the most part and going with events as they unfold. I am hoping the feel of the games comes off alright. I think most people are expecting more hack and slash than I have planned, but I am putting in a good amount, more than most of my games. I tend to prefer very little combat and much more talking and non-combat actions. I don’t have a problem with combat I just find it to be quite tedious and of very little interest. I love it when I get the opportunity to just sit back and watch the players interact among themselves or even with an NPC. I have been much more interested in that aspect with the characters I play as well. I have made characters who are technically combat characters that I still don’t like to do combat with, unless it has a really good RP element. I just tend to find combat the easy way out and not very fun in RPGs.

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