Apr 182010

So, I pretty much have the best GF ever. She already bought me my b-day present. Tickets to see Rush! I am beyond stoked for this. She is a sweetheart.

Finally wrote the last little bit for the Space game one shot. I just need to make characters now and I will be good to go. I suck at writing games lately. Things just aren’t coming together as well as I would like. I think it mostly has to do with my brain not working. Oh well.

I started playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 recently with my roommate. It’s a pretty dang fun game. I think I like it better than COD:MW2 for multiplayer at least. I am having a tougher time with it I think. I’m sure I just need time to figure it out.

Well out airsoft project is officially under way. We built our first building today. Well it is actually 4 walls screwed together, but it is a start. It went pretty quick once we figured things out. We plan on possibly building another one this week after touching up the one we just made. It needs a few more screws and some bracing just for good measure. It is surprisingly sturdy as we have it built right now, but a little more won’t hurt. I would rather play it safe and not have a wall fall on me. I am pretty excited about that in any case. We hope to get two more buildings up soon and it looks like we can do that.

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Apr 112010

I have been messing with the new beta for Ubuntu 10.4 or “Lucid Lynx” and it is so affectionately termed. So far it is looking pretty shiny. I guess the most noticeable change is the open/close/minimize buttons have been moved to the left side of the window in Mac fashion. I re-skinned it so my poor little Windows addled brain can handle it. They changed a few default programs which is not surprising I guess. Things seem pretty solid so far, but many packages are missing/incomplete because of the beta status. I had a bitch of a time installing virtualbox. I think one of my packages messed up and I just need to reinstall it for some reason. I can’t expect full function right now I guess, although it should be dropping pretty soon so I hope everything in in by then for my upgrades. This is supposed to be the new LTR so I will probably keep with it. My main server, which is only running DHCP right now, is running Karmic server edition which is nice and stable right now. I need to debate whether to dist upgrade that or not when this stuff drops. If any linux users could advise me that would be great. I would like to start using linux more for my everyday stuff if I can.

I feel like I have amped up my computer work lately and feel like I have learned millions of new things in a short time. I keep trying things and I learn tons even if I fail. I think I may try and tackle an internal DNS server again. My last few attempts have met with defeat. If I can get and internal DNS up and running I may move ahead and get that static IP and try hosting something myself. I will take it slow for now. I don’t want to burn out too quick. IT is taking me a bit longer using Ubuntu server to set up everything, but at least I don’t have to shell out the cash for Windows Server.

I have hit a dead end with game writing lately. For some reason my brain is just not giving me anything. I can’t get motivated, and even when I am I can’t get any ideas to some out. I feel really crappy about the whole thing and hate letting my players down with crappy games. Maybe with our moving to one day a week I can sit out a few weeks to rest my head. Even though I have been running things pretty slim it still feels like somewhat of an overload. I may get too ambitious sometimes which may cause problems.

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Apr 042010

I have a rampaging headache right now… I managed to get my TOTD post up, but it took me some time to just make it though it. I feel pretty crappy right now and I really shouldn’t I got tons of sleep and even took a nap. Maybe the nap did it, but I refuse to admit it because then my GF would be right 🙂

I am supposed to play a few songs at the Easter service this morning and I don’t know what insanity drove me to do that. I need about another week to be where I want to with the songs. I suppose I will just have to fake it through them like always. I’m sure being tired and feeling crappy won’t be a disadvantage at all…

I just realized how behind I am on writing the space game. I have the one shot mostly done, but I have yet to touch the main game at all. I have no solid story or plot at all. Things seem to have got away from me and my brain forgot about everything. Unfortunately these last few days have been rough on me for some reason. I don’t know why I am going so crazy. I just can’t wait to go to sleep today. My mind is in no shape to be writing anything for a game right now. I think I have way too many things I want to do with that game and I need to narrow it down a bit. There can always be more games, if it doesn’t suck. Well I could run another even if it does suck, but that may not be a good idea.

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Mar 282010

Airsoft is in full swing finally and it is a good time! I usually lose, but oh well it is still a good time. We have been making some plans to build a course in one of our fields. We took a good look at it and started brain storming building designs right now. I guess I will be skeptical that it will happen until we get the first building started. I still have hope and it would be really awesome. Saturdays are a long day for me with airsoft and gaming and then working so I skipped posting last night to take it easy. I was pretty crazy by the end of my shift…

Gaming has been a little sketchy as of late. I haven’t been motivated, John will be starting a new shift at work, and people have been busy quite often. I’m not worried the group will fall apart or anything. We have these times before and it will pass. It is just kinda stressful when it happens. We have some big plans for gaming and I hope we can keep the whole group around for them. Tuck is planning an Earthdawn game and I have the space game. I am encouraging John to set up a story based game. His sandbox game is going pretty good and I am impressed with him so far. I wish I had his ability to use NPCs.

I’m rocking my new HP Touchsmart notebook right now and I love the crap out of it. It is a snappy computer running Win 7 64 bit with 6 Gb ram and a 1.3GHz Dual Core processor. The touch ability of it is nice and accurate. Construction is solid. I also really like the fingerprint reader. I use the crap out of it. The only issue would be the screen is a bit too glossy and can be tough to see in bright light or from the sides. I can work with that though. Overall I give it a thumbs up for awesome.

I still don’t know what I am going to write for TOTD tonight. I’m sure I will figure out something.

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Feb 142010

Not real work obviously. I never do that. I have lots of little projects kinda going along right now and a bunch of things to do at home.

The forums for Throw out the Dice have been set up over at http://forum.fridgewire.com so if you read this and have any interest in gaming at all go sign up and say hi. It will make me feel better about myself.

I have made considerable progress on the space game. I have finalized using the Cortex system for the game and have been working up gear specifics for most of the night so far. The one shot should be ready by March if I keep it up. I tend to go light on rules and numbers when designing things so the Cortex system is a perfect fit for that. I’m also hoping to recruit one or two more people for the game before starting it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. In any case, after this post I will probably be working on Writing up the worlds for both games.

We took a couple weeks off from my Shadowrun game, but will be playing it again on Monday. Looking forward to it. I haven’t ran a game for two weeks or so and it is kinda strange. I hope I still know what I am doing.

I managed to get another computer put together at my house and plan on getting amother OS running on that, but I haven’t decided what yet. I really have not *need* for it right now, but I want something on it just because. I also had an issue with my DHCP server that knocked out our internet for awhile. I rebooted it for some updates and when it came back up the DHCP service did not restart. It is running Ubuntu 9.10 server. I tried “service dhcpd restart” and “/etc/init.d/dhcpd restart” and neither of those worked. The first found no service named dhcpd and the other said the path was invalid. I usually use Webmin to start/stop my servers, but obviously I couldn’t because nothing had a valid IP. Is there a command I am missing or did I do something wrong? It would be nice to know the command to get the service running again.

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Feb 072010

I have been trying to get the forum up and running for use with Throw out the Dice. It looks like the skeleton is up and ready to go right now. I eventually need to add more boards, change the placeholder logo, change some image files, and get the user groups in line. I decided to leave open registrations and just delete any spam accounts that come along. I have been getting one or two every few days so it has been manageable, just annoying. The big thing is going to be selling this to people. It just opened up and looking at empty boards as a user is not a good thing. I have been starting topics in the empty boards to give people something to come to. I suppose I just need to give it some time and promote it a little bit. I suppose if anyone is reading this please hop over there by clicking the link on the side and make an account. We need a few good conversations to start up.

I don’t know what it was with last week, but I don’t think I got anything done. The funny thing is I felt like I didn’t do anything. My brain is kind of missing things it seems. Hopefully I get back on track this week although things are not starting off too well.

I am quite anxious to start up Shadowrun again. Other people have been running games, and while it has been nice to be a player, I really want to get the SR plot moving again. I have moved back a bit from the heavy writing for the SR game and decided to give it a bit more free form. I have some decent hooks in place that I hope will work out well.

I am hoping to have the one shot for the space game ready sometime in March, but this is a hope more than a deadline. I have to iron out one or two rule related things and then write out the one shot plot. I have a general idea of it, but it needs to be finalized. Not that it is anything too crazy or ground breaking.

As I said, I have been playing much more recently and the GMs running the games are relatively new at it. The games have been really enjoyable for me though overall and have been picking up. I have been noticing lots of things recently while watching other people GM. I have mostly noticed all the things I could do much better while running my games. I have noticed my NPCs could use a little more work and definition. The lesser reoccurring NPCs are not as defined and recognizable as they should be in my opinion. I think I need to pick that up and really work them out. I also need to watch traits and flaws and bring them into play better. I feel like I have been missing some of them completely from an RP standpoint. The players in the SR game have given me some good stuff to work with and I need to develop it. I suppose it is a good thing to notice all this. Hopefully I can get better at it in the long run.

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Feb 022010

Tonight I have been fixing up all the stuff attached to the fridgewire domain. I have done some cleanup and updates on the blog and forums. I am trying to make it so people using the blog and log in with their blogger accounts to leave comments, but the plugin I picked up is not working it seems. I’ll have to keep working on that.

The forum seems to be working and ready to go. I would like to find a purpose for it in the near future, but I don’t know what as of yet. I have offered to let Throw out the Dice use it for discussion, but haven’t really pursued that. I also figure I could just use it for the gaming group, but we are all so close it doesn’t make much sense. I would really like for a forum for Throw Out the Dice. We have a few people not form the area and I would really like to get some discussions started up with them. I learned from writing on that blog that even though I am giving advice in a sense, I really have a lot to learn and sharing with others is really helpful to me. I may bring that up to Tim again since he is now far away and it would connect him to us a little better.

I am continuing with the writing for the space game. I am focusing on the one shot adventure right now. I want to run that and see if the system works with the alterations and to see if the world meshes and feels alright. It is not anything ground breaking so I think it should all work out fine. I am also hoping my artist is going to stick with me. They have gotten busy with real life and I haven’t been in very good contact. I have faith they will deliver. If things turn out well I may toss a few pieces of art up here (if they are ok with that). We shall see in the long run.

I should bounce the idea of a wiki for the space game off my group again. I would like to give them a place they can find information without consulting me too much. That was one issue when doing things in Saratta. Tim was the only person who knew what was going on in that world so I had to consult with him on many things. I took more liberties than most people also. I am sure others needed more info from him. I would like to avoid some of that in the future with world information already out there. I’ll have to run it by a few people and see if they would use it. I am really the only person who uses internet solutions for anything. I may be able to force them to use it in some ways. I guess time will tell.

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Jan 312010

Man I am bored. I have been doing a touch of studying for the N+ Exam, but it is starting to bore the shit out of me. I know I need to get moving on it but ugh…. it’s just soul rending. Eventually I will get my act together and just get the crap done. Then I get to move onto A+…. yay….

I finally have my server up and running somewhat. I have a DHCP server running along with an Apache server that obviously works only internally. My next goal is to configure my DNS zones which still kinda confuses me. I am using Ubuntu Server 9.10 running BIND and I am doing most of the configuration using Webmin. The DHCP was easy enough and the web server was already configured, but my previous work with the DNS stuff has yielded little. I am kind of confused on how the zones need to be set up. First do I need to set up one zone for my internal network and then one for my external domain? I guess I don’t really know what I need to do. Eventually I am going to move my externally hosted domain over to my own hardware and that whole setup is just a bit fuzzy. Any advice on the subject would be helpful.

I have decided I need to pick up the pace for the space game. I also need a better name than “the space game” so any ideas are welcome. I am going to try setting aside one hour a week just to work on gaming stuff only. I will probably put in more time throughout the week, but this is just dedicated time specifically for this. I am trying to collaborate with a few people as well so that may hold things up. I can still do lots of game/world writing for weeks to come. I have been considering using a wiki to keep track of information on the world. I have heard this is a really good way, but I don’t really know many people who have used that.

On a side not to people in my gaming group: We seem to be swapping games quite a bit and I was wondering if we want to keep a Google Calendar with a schedule that shows what game we will be playing that day or if it is canceled. Thoughts on that? I don’t mind keeping it going and I can toss it up on my site for quick access. Also I have a forum sitting an doing nothing would anyone want to use it for gaming info or even Throw out the Dice? Feedback appreciated if any of you kids read this.

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Jan 242010

I finally saw Avatar in 3D a few days ago and thought I would share my thoughts on it.  Pretty much every review of it is right on the money. The plot is Dances with Wolves/ Pocahontas/ and a good dash of Ferngully. It is pretty transparent and predictable. I’m not saying it is terrible, it’s just nothing new. I don’t think the point of the movie was the story though, or at least I hope not. I was hoping for something a little more anthropological, but this is Ferngully with big blue furries and not a movie adaptation of Speaker for the Dead. If you read anywhere that the CG for this movie was good they are wrong. It was not good, it was FUCKING AMAZING! The CG all looked real. The scenes of the forest were amazing and detailed. I can’t describe it. Go see it just for that if nothing else. The 3D was something new for me. I always found 3D lame and hokey. This also changed my perception of that. It blended so well that it actually added to the feel of the movie. It gave the world a great deal of depth and a sense of space. There were only a few times that things were annoying. If a person was off the side of the screen they seemed blurry and distracting. That only happened a couple times though and I will forgive. I was sitting on the edge of the theater also so that may be caused the problem. I also found out those glasses really strain my eyes.

So my love for Google has increased. I found templates for Google Docs spreadsheets for SR and D&D character sheets. I’ll probably we using these more and more. I like using technology with my gaming stuff. I’ll probably start laptop GMing once I get a new desktop. I can get it streamlined for use while gaming. Maybe he multiple work spaces that Ubuntu has will be handy for that. I’ll have to see what types of apps I can get for Linux. I suppose I could just toss a virtual windows machine on there with Virtualbox. In any case I am looking forward to trying it out.

Me and Dan checked out some guns at the local sporting good store. I have been planning on buying a pocket pistol and narrowed my choices down to a Ruger LCP and the Micro Eagle. I’m thinking about picking up the LCP. It is a nice gun and pretty much everything I want. We also checked out some ARs. One had an Eotech holosight. I am completely in love with it. It works so slick and is nice as heck. I’m hoping for a good tax return this year….

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Jan 102010

Just finished the second to last (I think) episode of Dollhouse… HOLY SHIT FUCK! I don’t even know what to say. It was crazy as hell and explains almost every question I had from Epitaph back in first season. Things usually don’t seem to surprise me for some reason in TV and movies, but this really got me. Actually a few things did. The end should be totally epic. I’ll need to pick up both seasons on DVD when it’s all done.

Lots of stuff happening with gaming. John started running a game and plans on continuing it for at least a few sessions. He also is planning another one for the future which is sweet. Tuck is working up his Earthdawn game which I am looking forward to. I have the current Shadowrun game going and a Serenity game that we started. I also have been putting some time into the space game I am setting up. I managed to find someone to do some art for it to help get pictures in peoples’ minds. A big thanks to them for that. I have a good chunk of work ahead of me, but with the current games and the games other people are planning I should have the time for it. I am going to plan for SR heavy this weekend and probably take the next week off. If I get a solid two sessions planned up I should be good for the break. I have two or three weeks to tie up one storyline before one player moves away. Tim will be leaving sometime this month to live in another part of the state with his new wife. We talked and he wanted to be around to finish up some of the story. I wish him the best in his new life. We may even get some posts on Throw out the Dice about him finding a new group.

I preordered Star Trek Online and snagged a beta key for it. I’m looking forward to trying it out when the servers come up on the 12th. Seems pretty slick, but I can’t say until I play it. I’ll just have to stick with Runescape until then. I suppose I have lots of work to do for Shadowrun on Monday. Best get to it.

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