Feb 142010

Not real work obviously. I never do that. I have lots of little projects kinda going along right now and a bunch of things to do at home.

The forums for Throw out the Dice have been set up over at http://forum.fridgewire.com so if you read this and have any interest in gaming at all go sign up and say hi. It will make me feel better about myself.

I have made considerable progress on the space game. I have finalized using the Cortex system for the game and have been working up gear specifics for most of the night so far. The one shot should be ready by March if I keep it up. I tend to go light on rules and numbers when designing things so the Cortex system is a perfect fit for that. I’m also hoping to recruit one or two more people for the game before starting it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. In any case, after this post I will probably be working on Writing up the worlds for both games.

We took a couple weeks off from my Shadowrun game, but will be playing it again on Monday. Looking forward to it. I haven’t ran a game for two weeks or so and it is kinda strange. I hope I still know what I am doing.

I managed to get another computer put together at my house and plan on getting amother OS running on that, but I haven’t decided what yet. I really have not *need* for it right now, but I want something on it just because. I also had an issue with my DHCP server that knocked out our internet for awhile. I rebooted it for some updates and when it came back up the DHCP service did not restart. It is running Ubuntu 9.10 server. I tried “service dhcpd restart” and “/etc/init.d/dhcpd restart” and neither of those worked. The first found no service named dhcpd and the other said the path was invalid. I usually use Webmin to start/stop my servers, but obviously I couldn’t because nothing had a valid IP. Is there a command I am missing or did I do something wrong? It would be nice to know the command to get the service running again.

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Feb 072010

I have been trying to get the forum up and running for use with Throw out the Dice. It looks like the skeleton is up and ready to go right now. I eventually need to add more boards, change the placeholder logo, change some image files, and get the user groups in line. I decided to leave open registrations and just delete any spam accounts that come along. I have been getting one or two every few days so it has been manageable, just annoying. The big thing is going to be selling this to people. It just opened up and looking at empty boards as a user is not a good thing. I have been starting topics in the empty boards to give people something to come to. I suppose I just need to give it some time and promote it a little bit. I suppose if anyone is reading this please hop over there by clicking the link on the side and make an account. We need a few good conversations to start up.

I don’t know what it was with last week, but I don’t think I got anything done. The funny thing is I felt like I didn’t do anything. My brain is kind of missing things it seems. Hopefully I get back on track this week although things are not starting off too well.

I am quite anxious to start up Shadowrun again. Other people have been running games, and while it has been nice to be a player, I really want to get the SR plot moving again. I have moved back a bit from the heavy writing for the SR game and decided to give it a bit more free form. I have some decent hooks in place that I hope will work out well.

I am hoping to have the one shot for the space game ready sometime in March, but this is a hope more than a deadline. I have to iron out one or two rule related things and then write out the one shot plot. I have a general idea of it, but it needs to be finalized. Not that it is anything too crazy or ground breaking.

As I said, I have been playing much more recently and the GMs running the games are relatively new at it. The games have been really enjoyable for me though overall and have been picking up. I have been noticing lots of things recently while watching other people GM. I have mostly noticed all the things I could do much better while running my games. I have noticed my NPCs could use a little more work and definition. The lesser reoccurring NPCs are not as defined and recognizable as they should be in my opinion. I think I need to pick that up and really work them out. I also need to watch traits and flaws and bring them into play better. I feel like I have been missing some of them completely from an RP standpoint. The players in the SR game have given me some good stuff to work with and I need to develop it. I suppose it is a good thing to notice all this. Hopefully I can get better at it in the long run.

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Dec 212009

Whew I must be getting old because it is getting harder to stay up late. I never though midnights would drag me down like this.

Watched two more episodes of Dollhouse and it is really getting sad that they canceled that show. The plot is getting really cool and stuff is really happening. One of the episodes was really creepy. For some reason it reminded me of the episode from Angel season 5 where the crazy ghost guy is after Spike. Freaky shit in my opinion. I think there are only two episodes left to go. Looking forward to the last one it should be epic.

Runescape is my game now it seems. I have been playing pretty hard core lately and managed to advance quite a bit in my short time playing. I never though I would enjoy that game as much as I do now. I’m hoping to make more progress over the next few weeks. It is the perfect game for work because it requires little attention and I can get stuff done while playing it. Plus it runs good on the netbook.

A friend of mine recently gave me a ooooooooooooooooooold (windows 95 era) Sony Vaio notebook. Well, it’s bigger than a notebook. I was hoping to put Ubuntu on it, but I don’t think the versions of Linux I have will run on that processor. It is something like a 240 Mhz Pentium. I may just have to clean up the XP install on it and then turn it into a wall hanging. At least it’s no loss if I break it. It’s outdated and I got it for free.

Writing for Shadowrun is getting tough right now. I have been planning the arcs and know the story, but I almost feel there need to be a few more stepping stones thrown in before the next part of the story comes up. Maybe I am just over thinking it. I like how things have gone so far. The group is looking good, and they are finding their roles very well. Individual skills and personalities are really coming out and being used. I think encouraging a bit more player interaction would be good though. There will be situations for that soon. I have really been turning the final encounter over in my head a lot. I have been planning it for some time, but I don’t want the whole event to be too complex, yet I want it to be a challenge and give everyone an opportunity to use their skills. I’ll keep working on it for now. There is a bit of time before this goes down. I also don’t know which direction they will go first. Either way works I guess.

I’ll polish up a few things when I get breakfast after work. I am craving McD’s breakfast burritos something fierce. mmmmm nummy.

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Nov 082009

I think my brain finally got it’s act together from last night. I was really out of it for some reason. It all passes though.

I finished Watership Down yesterday and man was that book EPIC! I loved the whole thing and was sad when it ended. The story was great, the character development was amazing, and the climax pulled you in and wouldn’t let go. Plus all the mythology weaved into the story made me really enjoy it. Lots of little things that made me love it (like rabbits not being able to count to five). I swear I will uses the word “Hrududu” as often as possible, because seriosuly, it is awesome. It makes me want to play some Bunnies & Burrows hardcore.

I pick up a trilogy of Shadowrun books by Jak Koke that are a little old, but I am excited for it anyways. It is The Dragon Heart Saga and deals with Dunkelzahn’s assassination and the return of the horrors I believe, which is a slight Earthdawn crossover and makes me wet my nerd-pants. Looking forward to it. I read Liferock, which Koke wrote, and liked that a lot. I have faith the trilogy will be awesome.

I kinda feel like a failure. Wordman, a big figure in the Shadowrun community, is selling all his books on ebay and I bid on them. There are still 5 days left, but as of now I have the high bid. I kinda hope I get it and kinda hope I get outbid. It is a crap load of stuff, and I would be dropping a crap load of cash for it. We shall see what the future hold. With my insane impuls buying currently who knows what will happen.

For some reason I have been writing quite a bit lately. I have been working on what I would consider a series of short fiction pieces dealing with Anze after the adventure we finished. I feel like I should be working on more stuff for the DDH, but I think I can wait until the first issue comes out. Plus, I prefer Anze in Saratta over my SR incarnation of her. The SR version is way to bitter and doesn’t seem to have the love that the other does. I really like what is happening in the current writing though. I will probably have to bother Tuck to look at it and tell me if it sucks bad. Meh, in any case I will probably keep going even if it sucks because I enjoy it.

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Oct 132009

It’s funny how life is sometimes. That Shadowrun game I had been working on during the weekend (well… not working on as much as I should have) turned out pretty good. Considering I wrote the whole thing on about ten pages of a small notepad, and very little of what I actually did was floating around in my head instead of being written down. It got me thinking about game preparation. Now, before any of you who play with me assume I sad “Fuck it” to writing my games, just know that I still am doing that. I am actaully talking about a form of preparation.

Before I explain what I mean let explain some other things. I prepare my games like most GMs (I think most at least) where I write out a plot, scratch out some NPCs, throw together some maps, etc etc etc. The quality of this and time spent may vary from session to session, but it is there. For the type of game I am running I need that for of preparation. Do I write on the fly? Oh god yes. I pretty much wrote in two adventure hooks from my on the fly crap. I don’t think that is a bad thing at all, you need that flexibility. You just need to watch out so you don’t write yourself into a corner or do something that doesn’t make sense.

So, the other form of preparation I am talking about is a mental preparation. I know I did this before without realizing it. When running a game you influence the player’s experience by how you act. If you are tired and don’t put much effort into it the players will not be interested. If you are not interested in the story more than likely the players will not be as well. You need to engage yourself and be ready for the game. I had a rough weekend before the game and I knew I was not going to be ready to go at start time. Fortunately, one of the players was late and I opted to hold off until they got there. That gave me time to wake up and energize myself, get my mind into the SR universe before bringing my players into it. I had some good feedback afterward, and initially going into the game I was very worried about it. I guess this is just something to think about beforehand and I will consciously keep doing it to see if it helps. I know as a player I should be doing this as well.

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Oct 052009

So the first issue of DDH is supposed to come out sometime today. I was hoping it would be soon, but alas this is not true. I’m sure I’ll have a post up with a link when it comes out. Super stoked to see the finished product.

Another shameless plug, even though if you read this chances are you already know about it. Me and Tim have a blog about running tabletop RPGs. Check it out at Throw out the Dice.

I’m digging Dollhouse quite a bit. I’m sure it is gonna be canceled soon, and the only reason it isn’t right now is that it is a weekend and no one is at work. Still, I think it gives some really tangible thoughts on the whole trans-human ideas that people may face. I got a bit of that out of Bladerunner and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? also. Mostly the question of human identity. I’m sure this has all been talked about before, but I really don’t care. I am curious how human identity will change as we let go of our bodies as an identity. Much of what we think is tied to that identity and once we lose that will be find a new identity? If you have a more mental identity how will people relate to that. I suppose hot, shallow people will have a tough time then. Maybe that is just my nerd hopes.

I saw a picture of an airsoft Ares Predator and I really really want one. I know it was a custom gun and all, but I would pay rediculous sums of money for one. It would have to be a blow back version though. Man a real one would be even better. Hiring gunsmith to make one, seriously. Too bad I could never afford that. I just gotta convince my bro to make me an Ares Alpha. If you don’t know what those are they are guns from Shadowrun. Google it.

I’m still planning out some of the big things for the Shadowrun game as well. I need to get it on paper before I lose it. It is coming together in my mind at least. I would like to work on the space game a bit, but I need to focus. I’ll just keep bouncing ideas off people for a bit and see what they want out of it. I’ll wrap it up and get bakc to refreshing the DDH page waiting for the issue to come out.

Edit: now I don’t forget titles. I forget links.

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Sep 102009

Man this stuff scares the crop out of me. This technology is super epic and can be used in so many fields it’s mind boggling, but serisouly why call it HAL and why name your company Cyberdyne. Now, even with these ominous signs to the coming robot apocalypse I would totally love to have one of these. I mean just look at it!I would love an exoskeleton kinda thing, or power armor. Man I dig power armor. I would do terrible thing to get power armor…. well, ok maybe not. I still want some though.

I am way to excited about shadowrun on Monday. I am giddy some may say. I hope everything goes well and everyone isn’t retarded(including myself). I will probably be talking about it like crazy on here. I have about a thousand game I wanna run/play/build right now, but I have been completely focused on Shadowrun. That is kinda insane for me. The D&D game is getting close to wrapping up also. Probably one of my favorite games I ever played, second maybe to the 2nd ed. Ravenloft game I played few years ago. Awesome characters and role play, tons of world development, and just fun. I am not a big fan of D&D, actually I despise most things about it, but this game has been epic. Props to the DM on this one. I’ve played with him when he first started and since for…. man it must be close to 12 years? We both have come a long way.

Parting note: IMAGE

If you have played Shadowrun, you know it’s true.

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