Jul 052010

We finally got around to adding some more structures to our airsoft course and actually played some more games. A few new people started coming as well. It has been good all around. I took a solid hit to the lip which is still bruised and scabby, but it was worth playing still.

Dan go a few pictures to show a sort of overlay to our field. He standing on a car when he took it which is kind of the back end of the course that is shown in the pictures. There are a few things behind it but not too much. The first two pictures are supposed to be side by side. You can see the edge of the low barricade in the first picture that is on the left side in the second. The table in the second picture is a shooting bench actually. The third picture you can see more of the course straight on. It is tough to see the low profile objects in the distance. All these pictures were taken before we added some “graffiti” to our buildings. Everything looks much more spaced out in the pictures in my opinion. The ranges are really good and are not too close so the hits hurt a ton, but not too far away where hitting something is impossible.

I also have a few pics of us playing to give a feel for being near some of the cover. This house is the larger building on the left side of the first course picture.

This is on the opposite side of the same house in the picture above. We tossed a couple tires on the corner to give a bit of cover.

This is one of the low barricades they are coming around.

This is one of our corner walls near the back edge of the course. These are actually one of our favorite things it seems. They get used quite a bit. You can also see some of the “graffiti” in a couple of the pictures. More will get added in the future to make it look like it has been layered over time. It really helped make the obstacles more interesting.

There is a quick tour of what we have been doing. Hopefully I will have more in the future. We are still planning on expanding the course outwards a bit as it is kind of narrow right now. I’ll post more when something happens.

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May 052010

Finally got my new airsoft gun! It’s a Classic Army M249. Got to test shoot it a little bit and it seems pretty slick. I’m looking forward to getting it out on the field on Saturday. I’ll post some more thoughts on it as soon as I get to try it out properly.

Here are a couple pics for now. We all know PJ pants are tactical gear.

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Apr 262010

We got to take our airsoft course for a test run on Saturday. It was pretty dang fun. We need to make some adjustments to the layout, but overall it is pretty solid. We all had a ton of fun with that area and are really looking forward to expanding it. It was much more fast paced than we usually play and cover was much more important. Sidearms actually came into play a few times, and the sniper owned the course until we banned it. Expanding the course out more will really help with some of the issues we were having. Also we are planning some small pieces of cover that should even things up a bit. It’s gonna be pretty rockin’.

We are also trying to find a few more people to play. Hopefully we can get some of the other players we know to come out our way. We have played a few other places, but so far our is optimal for a few reasons. The biggest one being private property. Terrain is good. We have free reign to build. Plus we get free meals sometimes! I’ll see if I can get the pics from my bro and post them up here. They didn’t turn out great but they aren’t that bad.

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Apr 182010

So, I pretty much have the best GF ever. She already bought me my b-day present. Tickets to see Rush! I am beyond stoked for this. She is a sweetheart.

Finally wrote the last little bit for the Space game one shot. I just need to make characters now and I will be good to go. I suck at writing games lately. Things just aren’t coming together as well as I would like. I think it mostly has to do with my brain not working. Oh well.

I started playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 recently with my roommate. It’s a pretty dang fun game. I think I like it better than COD:MW2 for multiplayer at least. I am having a tougher time with it I think. I’m sure I just need time to figure it out.

Well out airsoft project is officially under way. We built our first building today. Well it is actually 4 walls screwed together, but it is a start. It went pretty quick once we figured things out. We plan on possibly building another one this week after touching up the one we just made. It needs a few more screws and some bracing just for good measure. It is surprisingly sturdy as we have it built right now, but a little more won’t hurt. I would rather play it safe and not have a wall fall on me. I am pretty excited about that in any case. We hope to get two more buildings up soon and it looks like we can do that.

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Mar 282010

Airsoft is in full swing finally and it is a good time! I usually lose, but oh well it is still a good time. We have been making some plans to build a course in one of our fields. We took a good look at it and started brain storming building designs right now. I guess I will be skeptical that it will happen until we get the first building started. I still have hope and it would be really awesome. Saturdays are a long day for me with airsoft and gaming and then working so I skipped posting last night to take it easy. I was pretty crazy by the end of my shift…

Gaming has been a little sketchy as of late. I haven’t been motivated, John will be starting a new shift at work, and people have been busy quite often. I’m not worried the group will fall apart or anything. We have these times before and it will pass. It is just kinda stressful when it happens. We have some big plans for gaming and I hope we can keep the whole group around for them. Tuck is planning an Earthdawn game and I have the space game. I am encouraging John to set up a story based game. His sandbox game is going pretty good and I am impressed with him so far. I wish I had his ability to use NPCs.

I’m rocking my new HP Touchsmart notebook right now and I love the crap out of it. It is a snappy computer running Win 7 64 bit with 6 Gb ram and a 1.3GHz Dual Core processor. The touch ability of it is nice and accurate. Construction is solid. I also really like the fingerprint reader. I use the crap out of it. The only issue would be the screen is a bit too glossy and can be tough to see in bright light or from the sides. I can work with that though. Overall I give it a thumbs up for awesome.

I still don’t know what I am going to write for TOTD tonight. I’m sure I will figure out something.

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Mar 202010

Holy crap am I tired. I must be getting old or some lame shit like that.

We did some airsoft today and I got smoked pretty dang hard. It was still fun, but I need to take a look at my gun and make some adjustments. It seems to be firing bad. Plus, I did some really dumb stuff that got me hit. I’ll have to talk to Tuck and see what we can do.

I have been reading “The Legend of the Jade Phoenix” trilogy. They are three books from the Battletech universe, and holy hell are they good. I have enjoyed the heck out of them. The back story and different cultures are well defined. It makes me want to play some Battletech.

Actually me and John started playing Mecwarrior 4 Mercs again. MW5 needs to come out about yesterday. I am really looking forward to that game. MW4 was tons of fun and I could use an updated game.

I should be getting my HP Touchsmart Notebook on Tuesday. I will throw up some thoughts about that when I get a chance to feel it up a bit. Apparently Sprint is getting the Android 2.1 update out to my HTC Hero fairly soon. Looking forward to that quite a bit.

I am sort of scatterbrainy right now. Maybe something with content will come out in the future.

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Mar 072010

We started our weekly schedule for airsoft today. We will be playing every week, if weather permits, until winter. It was pretty dang awesome today. Even with the snow on the ground it was really nice out. We got a few good games in and it really wasn’t a steamroll for either team. I only took one hit to the face which is pretty sweet. Getting to use all the new toys was pretty sweet. I need to look into a new 40mm grenade shell. The one I  have it pretty crappy and I think a slightly higher quality one would help tons. We also started playing with black BBs which is awesome. The old white ones we could use as tracers and as a result had to aim very little. The black BBs make aiming more important and makes it a bit harder to get kills.

We talked a bit about our building plans for a course and we are being allowed to use a decent sized area to build a CQB area. We still need to do lots of planning and we are just talking right now so who knows if it will happen. At least we have the space. Once the snow melts we can get building. We will also be able to play some scenarios in the wood and the course, if we build it, and I am looking forward to that a great deal.

I brought my LCP to shoot before we played some airsoft. This was the first chance I had to shoot it at all and that is a sweet little gun. There is a considerable amount of recoil because the gun is so light. The trigger pull is also really really long and kind of startling. I can’t wait to put a few more rounds through it. Overall I like it. I wouldn’t want to shoot it all day, but that isn’t what it is for. Once I get my mags for my AR I plan to get out and do a bit of shooting with that. I just gotta wait until they get here.

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Dec 282009

I never thought I would but I have been really looking at upgrades for my airsoft gun like crazy. After my brother got a M203 and some nice red dot sights and agreed to sell them to me I have been going crazy. I ordered a whole new vest setup and will be getting more parts for it when Tactical Tailor responds to my questions. I probably won’t be able to play for a few more months so now is a good time to get geared up I figure. Once I get all of my mods done (well I buy the parts my brother does it) I’ll post some sexy pictures of the finished product. I’m pretty stoked for it.

I am still messing with that damn old ass Sony Vaio or whatever the hell it is. I can’t seem to get the system to load properly. I am thinking GRUB is not installing right. I’ll try reinstalling that over my three days off. That little thing is a bastard. I have a copy of Ubuntu Warty I think I could just load on there. I don’t know if I can update to Karmic from there though. I should just try to reinstall the command line system. Once I get that fired up I should be able to get the Xubuntu desktop with apt. I have done that before so it doesn’t scare me.

My parents need a print server and being the cheap bastard that I am I have decided to try and turn one of my old ass junk computers into an print server. I have a feeling that this will not work well, but that won’t stop me. It seems I have to fail to learn. Eventually I will break down and buy one of those tiny commercial print servers. I should finish one project at a time though first. Laptop then print server. Too much shit laying around as it is.

Been playing Runescape like a beast. I finished the quest Underground Pass last night which opens up a big time quest as soon as I get a couple more skill points. Should be ready for it in a couple days. I’m pretty excited for it. I won’t be a total noob anymore.

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Oct 172009

I got sick a couple days ago with something, I dunno if it is a cold or flu or whatever, but it’s is working it’s way out of my system and I’m finally doing better. I’m gonna blame the flu shot I got the day before I got sick on it. Mostly because it is fun and probably not the reason.

I finally have become a huge fag. I picked up a twitter account a day or so ago. I told myself I never would, but Moblin has twitter feeds integrated into it so I though I would pull it up. I suck really bad. I also snagged a last.fm account which seems pretty slick. Anyone who reads this and has an account (and even if you don’t they are both free,so… srsly) should click on the fun little links on the side and follow me on both of those. My facebook is over that way too, so if I know you and are not my friend on it toss me a request. Do not under any circumstance send me gifts for any of your dumb fucking games though. I’ll accept mob invites for Mobsters 2 or neighbor request for Farm Town, but I do not play either of them so don’t expect any more than that.

My room mate Dan showed me a tactical gear site called Tactical Tailor and holy shit do they have some nice gear. I play airsoft and really dig that stuff so I am looking for a new MOLLE vest and all the fun stuff that I need to put on it. Unfortunately the vests they have on there are really damn expensive (but really nice as well!). I may have to stick to a cheaper one from the no less epic Cheaper Than Dirt. I need to find some pouches that will hold my clamped AR mags well. Most are split pouches, and that may work just fine. The vest I have now is fine just not modular, which I love.

I have been looking at buying a new (real) pistol. I already own a Ruger .45 and a Springfield XD .45 compact. I have been tossing a few ideas around in my head. I have always wanted a 1911, but I already own two .45s and really don’t need another. I have had my eye on a Beretta 92FS also, but am not totally sold on the idea. My last choice was a pocket pistol of some type. That would be considerably less expensive and practical. I’ll have to do some shopping around before I decide I guess.

“The Artist In The Ambulance” by Thrice
“Hands So Red On A Face So Pale” by For All Those Sleeping

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Oct 052009

So the first issue of DDH is supposed to come out sometime today. I was hoping it would be soon, but alas this is not true. I’m sure I’ll have a post up with a link when it comes out. Super stoked to see the finished product.

Another shameless plug, even though if you read this chances are you already know about it. Me and Tim have a blog about running tabletop RPGs. Check it out at Throw out the Dice.

I’m digging Dollhouse quite a bit. I’m sure it is gonna be canceled soon, and the only reason it isn’t right now is that it is a weekend and no one is at work. Still, I think it gives some really tangible thoughts on the whole trans-human ideas that people may face. I got a bit of that out of Bladerunner and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? also. Mostly the question of human identity. I’m sure this has all been talked about before, but I really don’t care. I am curious how human identity will change as we let go of our bodies as an identity. Much of what we think is tied to that identity and once we lose that will be find a new identity? If you have a more mental identity how will people relate to that. I suppose hot, shallow people will have a tough time then. Maybe that is just my nerd hopes.

I saw a picture of an airsoft Ares Predator and I really really want one. I know it was a custom gun and all, but I would pay rediculous sums of money for one. It would have to be a blow back version though. Man a real one would be even better. Hiring gunsmith to make one, seriously. Too bad I could never afford that. I just gotta convince my bro to make me an Ares Alpha. If you don’t know what those are they are guns from Shadowrun. Google it.

I’m still planning out some of the big things for the Shadowrun game as well. I need to get it on paper before I lose it. It is coming together in my mind at least. I would like to work on the space game a bit, but I need to focus. I’ll just keep bouncing ideas off people for a bit and see what they want out of it. I’ll wrap it up and get bakc to refreshing the DDH page waiting for the issue to come out.

Edit: now I don’t forget titles. I forget links.

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