Apr 042010

I have a rampaging headache right now… I managed to get my TOTD post up, but it took me some time to just make it though it. I feel pretty crappy right now and I really shouldn’t I got tons of sleep and even took a nap. Maybe the nap did it, but I refuse to admit it because then my GF would be right 🙂

I am supposed to play a few songs at the Easter service this morning and I don’t know what insanity drove me to do that. I need about another week to be where I want to with the songs. I suppose I will just have to fake it through them like always. I’m sure being tired and feeling crappy won’t be a disadvantage at all…

I just realized how behind I am on writing the space game. I have the one shot mostly done, but I have yet to touch the main game at all. I have no solid story or plot at all. Things seem to have got away from me and my brain forgot about everything. Unfortunately these last few days have been rough on me for some reason. I don’t know why I am going so crazy. I just can’t wait to go to sleep today. My mind is in no shape to be writing anything for a game right now. I think I have way too many things I want to do with that game and I need to narrow it down a bit. There can always be more games, if it doesn’t suck. Well I could run another even if it does suck, but that may not be a good idea.

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Dec 132009

I have recently started playing Runescape again, to feed my video game addiction. I don’t remember enjoying it this much. I played pretty heavy for about 3 years and then left it for WoW. There is something about its simplicity that makes it inviting, but still allows very complex actions and goals. I was talking with my brother about the game recently and I never realized howmany complex events/quests/monsters there were in the game. I have been playing pretty heavy and hope to gain a small amount of ground on him. (I hope he reads this and chuckles.)

On my way to work today I popped in “Exit Stage Right”, a live CD by Rush, into my player and something jumped out at me. I know I have said this before as well. I really think Alex Lifeson doesn’t get enough credit. He is so often overshadowed by Geddy Lee and Neil Peart that nothing gets said about him. I am not saying Lee and Peart are bad musicians, I would have to be completely insane or retarded to say that.  I just think Lifeson is better than most people give him credit for. The styles he uses are so flowing and melodic that they really stick in my head. I still love the solo of his on “Limelight”. It has a haunting sound to it that really gives the song a strange feeling of loneliness. I guess it really jumped out today for me.

Have two episodes of Dollhouse to watch.  I’m looking forward to it. The show really picked up… after the canceled it. Oh well I can enjoy the remainder of it.

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