May 012011

I probably should have posted something about this on the old fridgewire domain, but I didn’t. Oh well.

I moved everything I had off of that domain to I am still working on the setup as I had a few other things to drag along with it. Things should be getting fleshed out in the future. I will not be putting the fridgewire forums back up, they were kind of a waste anyways. I backed it all up though so if anyone wants old posts of really really wants it back it is easy enough to restore. So right now it’s a new domain, with a new feed link and all that good stuff. Update your feeds if you use them and let me know if there are any problems hiding around the site.

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Jan 232011

Moved the site from it’s subdomain to the main address. Messed up a bunch of crap in the process. Was a good night. I really broke the heck out of it.

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Dec 102010

I’m guessing nobody has really noticed much, but the page has been down for like a year or so. I never rebuilt it after wiping out the site due to some sneaky sneaky malware that got in. I have been thinking about what to do for a redesign and I have a few ideas and I will do a little more planning to get it all implemented. HTML/CSS are very much not a strength of mine, so this will be interesting. I will probably use something pre-packaged, but who knows. Maybe a streak of ambition will show itself with me. More likely I will try to con someone I know into building it. Only the future will know.

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Feb 282010

Wow writing here has completely slipped my mind. I feel like nothing has been done this week. I have a few projects I need to get done and a few games to prepare for.

My parents gave me their old laptop to get some data off. It is running windows ME and it hurts my soul. I am hoping it will be relatively simple. I finally have all the cables to hook it up to the network. I hate those adapters for the card slots. It’s hard to believe that a phone jack was more important than an Ethernet jack. Modems suck… a lot.

A also have been trying to get the IDE/SATA converter working on an old computer. It is not recognizing the HDD and I don’t know what is going on with it. I haven’t had much time to mess with it though. My computer area is getting pretty cluttered. I need to get some more power strips. That whole area need to be shuffled around. I will have to spend some time with those computers.

I picked up Oblivion the other day. I forgot how much I enjoy games like that. I have been playing it pretty heavily. I’m sure in the next week I will have the editor up and running and be doing something with that. I have a problem with making half finished projects with games. I think I have only finished two things and both of those were pretty small. I should do some scripting. It would be good to get a feel for basic programming. Maybe if I learned how to do it I would enjoy it…. probably not.

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Feb 212010

So I ended taking down the entire site to fix a possible issue with malware. I don’t know what it was or how it got there, but there were a few people who let me know their anti-virus programs were triggering on my site. I tested it and had it happen as well. I should have most of it up pretty soon.

I took the opportunity to replace my theme and get some much needed upgrades in. I will be doing the forum very soon. I am just waiting on the database restore. Hopefully that goes well…. This also give me a good opportunity to get a decent backup and maintenance schedule going. I really need to get some good backups for the whole site. At least WordPress has a really simple restore. The forum is not as kind so far.

Things will get cleaned up here shortly. I will keep everyone posted on the status if something goes wrong.

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Feb 142010

Not real work obviously. I never do that. I have lots of little projects kinda going along right now and a bunch of things to do at home.

The forums for Throw out the Dice have been set up over at so if you read this and have any interest in gaming at all go sign up and say hi. It will make me feel better about myself.

I have made considerable progress on the space game. I have finalized using the Cortex system for the game and have been working up gear specifics for most of the night so far. The one shot should be ready by March if I keep it up. I tend to go light on rules and numbers when designing things so the Cortex system is a perfect fit for that. I’m also hoping to recruit one or two more people for the game before starting it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. In any case, after this post I will probably be working on Writing up the worlds for both games.

We took a couple weeks off from my Shadowrun game, but will be playing it again on Monday. Looking forward to it. I haven’t ran a game for two weeks or so and it is kinda strange. I hope I still know what I am doing.

I managed to get another computer put together at my house and plan on getting amother OS running on that, but I haven’t decided what yet. I really have not *need* for it right now, but I want something on it just because. I also had an issue with my DHCP server that knocked out our internet for awhile. I rebooted it for some updates and when it came back up the DHCP service did not restart. It is running Ubuntu 9.10 server. I tried “service dhcpd restart” and “/etc/init.d/dhcpd restart” and neither of those worked. The first found no service named dhcpd and the other said the path was invalid. I usually use Webmin to start/stop my servers, but obviously I couldn’t because nothing had a valid IP. Is there a command I am missing or did I do something wrong? It would be nice to know the command to get the service running again.

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Feb 072010

I have been trying to get the forum up and running for use with Throw out the Dice. It looks like the skeleton is up and ready to go right now. I eventually need to add more boards, change the placeholder logo, change some image files, and get the user groups in line. I decided to leave open registrations and just delete any spam accounts that come along. I have been getting one or two every few days so it has been manageable, just annoying. The big thing is going to be selling this to people. It just opened up and looking at empty boards as a user is not a good thing. I have been starting topics in the empty boards to give people something to come to. I suppose I just need to give it some time and promote it a little bit. I suppose if anyone is reading this please hop over there by clicking the link on the side and make an account. We need a few good conversations to start up.

I don’t know what it was with last week, but I don’t think I got anything done. The funny thing is I felt like I didn’t do anything. My brain is kind of missing things it seems. Hopefully I get back on track this week although things are not starting off too well.

I am quite anxious to start up Shadowrun again. Other people have been running games, and while it has been nice to be a player, I really want to get the SR plot moving again. I have moved back a bit from the heavy writing for the SR game and decided to give it a bit more free form. I have some decent hooks in place that I hope will work out well.

I am hoping to have the one shot for the space game ready sometime in March, but this is a hope more than a deadline. I have to iron out one or two rule related things and then write out the one shot plot. I have a general idea of it, but it needs to be finalized. Not that it is anything too crazy or ground breaking.

As I said, I have been playing much more recently and the GMs running the games are relatively new at it. The games have been really enjoyable for me though overall and have been picking up. I have been noticing lots of things recently while watching other people GM. I have mostly noticed all the things I could do much better while running my games. I have noticed my NPCs could use a little more work and definition. The lesser reoccurring NPCs are not as defined and recognizable as they should be in my opinion. I think I need to pick that up and really work them out. I also need to watch traits and flaws and bring them into play better. I feel like I have been missing some of them completely from an RP standpoint. The players in the SR game have given me some good stuff to work with and I need to develop it. I suppose it is a good thing to notice all this. Hopefully I can get better at it in the long run.

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Feb 022010

Tonight I have been fixing up all the stuff attached to the fridgewire domain. I have done some cleanup and updates on the blog and forums. I am trying to make it so people using the blog and log in with their blogger accounts to leave comments, but the plugin I picked up is not working it seems. I’ll have to keep working on that.

The forum seems to be working and ready to go. I would like to find a purpose for it in the near future, but I don’t know what as of yet. I have offered to let Throw out the Dice use it for discussion, but haven’t really pursued that. I also figure I could just use it for the gaming group, but we are all so close it doesn’t make much sense. I would really like for a forum for Throw Out the Dice. We have a few people not form the area and I would really like to get some discussions started up with them. I learned from writing on that blog that even though I am giving advice in a sense, I really have a lot to learn and sharing with others is really helpful to me. I may bring that up to Tim again since he is now far away and it would connect him to us a little better.

I am continuing with the writing for the space game. I am focusing on the one shot adventure right now. I want to run that and see if the system works with the alterations and to see if the world meshes and feels alright. It is not anything ground breaking so I think it should all work out fine. I am also hoping my artist is going to stick with me. They have gotten busy with real life and I haven’t been in very good contact. I have faith they will deliver. If things turn out well I may toss a few pieces of art up here (if they are ok with that). We shall see in the long run.

I should bounce the idea of a wiki for the space game off my group again. I would like to give them a place they can find information without consulting me too much. That was one issue when doing things in Saratta. Tim was the only person who knew what was going on in that world so I had to consult with him on many things. I took more liberties than most people also. I am sure others needed more info from him. I would like to avoid some of that in the future with world information already out there. I’ll have to run it by a few people and see if they would use it. I am really the only person who uses internet solutions for anything. I may be able to force them to use it in some ways. I guess time will tell.

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Dec 082009

If you are reading this you have found my new blog location. As I said on my Blogger account, I have switched to using my own domain and WordPress to host the blog now. Hopefully this will be a better system in the end. It looks nicer at least. I have more control over lots of the back end stuff and can mess with my layout much more. As I said I probably will break parts of this so bear with me. This is a test and there may be issues. Please let me know if you have any problems so I can look into fixing them.

If you get a chance take a look at the rest of the Fridgewire site and help me fix up any issues that crop up. There will be lots of optimizing and editing things now that this is up here. I may take a stab at making the main Fridgewire page use a similar template to the blog. We shall see what the future holds.

I am planning on starting up a new project for our gaming group in the near future. We have a few changes coming out way because of RL situations and I may get stuck with a bigger role in keeping our gaming nights alive. Only the future will tell, but I want to be ready. I’m sure I will have something up in a week or so about it. For now enjoy the site and take it easy.

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