Apr 182012

UPDATED 1-7-2013

I dug around for a long while trying to find a solution to this issue. I was able to find parts of it on various sites, but never found an explicit how to guide for setting this up. I’m sure most Linux pros know how to do this, but I am not that good and hopefully this will help other people use Linux for Citrix access.

Here is the environment I tested it on. I am running Kubuntu 11.10 12.04 LTS(note at bottom) , Citrix Receiver 12.1 beta for Linux. I am using a 24in NEC and 19in NEC monitor. I launch my VDI session from a web link ICA file.

If you need help setting up Citrix the instructions are located in the Citrix Ubuntu Documentation. I installed the reciever, USB support plugin, libmotif, and all that good stuff. You can find if you are missing any libraries by running the HDX script in the citric folder. for me that was “/opt/Citrix/ICAClient/util/hdxcheck.sh”, run the script as root to make sure it detects everything alright.

Now, Citrix is set up and should work fine normally, but getting it to span was giving me trouble. I saw on the Citrix and Ubuntu forums that adding the command line parameter “-span 1,2” would make it span properly. So, I just needed to get this to launch from a browser. I went into the folder Citrix was installed in again (/opt/Citrix/ICAClient) and edited the “wfica.sh” script located there. Basically this is a script that lanches the wfica program that launches Citrix. the last line of it is the command that launches the wfica program with the .ica file from the browser.

It should look like this:

$ICAROOT/wfica -file $1


I changed it to:

$ICAROOT/wfica -span 1,2 -file $1


Now it has the span parameter and will launch the file. Now I went into Firefox selected Edit -> Preferences, then to the Applications tab. Find “Citrix ICA settings file” in the list and change the program to launch it with to “wfica.sh”.

That should make Citrix launch with all the parameters we specified. You should be able to add any other command line parameters to this file if needed.


Something I like and wanted to fix(there is lots of documentation out there) is the middle click in VDI. By default it passes through a CTL+V and I wanted a standard middle click. You can do this by editing your ~/.ICAClient/wfclient.ini file and changing the MouseSendsControlV=True to False. Here is a link to the forum post I used.


NOTE: I upgraded to Kubuntu 12.10 and could not get it to work. The Citrix window would flash up quickly and then disappear and I ended up reinstalling 12.04 LTS. If I get a different result I will change the info here.

Another Note: I have Lubuntu 12.10 installed on a laptop I use and the Citrix Reciever works fine on that. I have not tested anything with dual monitors, but it looks like the Citrix stuff is working. I will try a fresh Kubuntu 12.10 install on my desktop and see if I can get Citrix working on that.


Mar 252011

Well I have been back from NZ for a couple weeks. Things have been busy, but it’s a good busy. I release v1.5 for the Earthdawn Dice Roller app. The update adds the much desired ability to use the Earthdawn Classic dice table and adds the ability to toggle a display for which dice values are being rolled. I didn’t put this in the change log anywhere, but I also made it so a bonus dice has and asterisk next to it so you can tell which dice are bonus dice. I am already working on v1.6 and have a working check box for karma dice in third edition. I need to implement it for classic still which takes a bit more work because if I am correct the steps are different for each race. I will probably put that in the options, because that isn’t something you should change every roll. I need to double check the rules to make sure I am getting this right. I will have to ask the ED community and make sure I am correct.

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Dec 202010

I suppose I should put at least some reference to my Earthdawn Dice Roller app on the Android market since this is the website I put on my developer account.

First, thanks to all the people who have downloaded it and are using it (about 20 of you at this time!). I appreciate the installs and I hope the app works well for you all. Feel free to drop comments and requests here if you have something you would like to see or just want to say something else.

Second, I am planning to recode a good portion of the app in the near future. I’m sure some people noticed but I am a big huge noob programmer. This is the only program I have written outside of the stuff I did for one class back in college. I am learning a great deal from this program and as a result need to redo some of my… they aren’t really mistakes…. but less than desirable programing techniques.¬† Bear with me as I learn, things should only get better in time.

Last, I will toss up a tab on this site for my app(s) so I can leave specific  information about each one. I will plan on having that up in the next couple days, if not sooner. I have plans to try making a really simple game to get more coding under my belt. Wish me luck!

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Nov 222010

Wow it has been some time since posting. I got the yearning a few days ago and finally decided to make another post for fun. Things have been busy, mostly me trying to keep myself busy with projects and stuff. Got some of the programming off the ground and am taking it very very slowly so I don’t rupture my brain. Maybe someday I will finish it.

Pick up a cheap server tower and have converted that into the server for my house. It a Dell PowerEdge T110 that I got for cheap. Right now it is running Ubuntu Server(64) 10.10 with Virtualbox running more servers that are the main controllers. Right now I only have one running DNS and DHCP for the house, but more will come soon. I’m kinda experimenting with virtualizing as much as I can. I tried using KVW, which Ubuntu has built in, but I ran into troubles with network devices. I couldn’t get KVM to share one network device with the host and all the VMs. I know that would be a major choke point, but my traffic is pretty low as it is. I’ll mess with stuff more and see where things go. I’m going to try to get my thirdshifthero.com domain pointed to my hardware still. Made progress but still far off.

Got some new airsoft goodies also. I’ll probably talk about those and throw up some pictures when we do our winter game. Should be a blast.

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Apr 112010

I have been messing with the new beta for Ubuntu 10.4 or “Lucid Lynx” and it is so affectionately termed. So far it is looking pretty shiny. I guess the most noticeable change is the open/close/minimize buttons have been moved to the left side of the window in Mac fashion. I re-skinned it so my poor little Windows addled brain can handle it. They changed a few default programs which is not surprising I guess. Things seem pretty solid so far, but many packages are missing/incomplete because of the beta status. I had a bitch of a time installing virtualbox. I think one of my packages messed up and I just need to reinstall it for some reason. I can’t expect full function right now I guess, although it should be dropping pretty soon so I hope everything in in by then for my upgrades. This is supposed to be the new LTR so I will probably keep with it. My main server, which is only running DHCP right now, is running Karmic server edition which is nice and stable right now. I need to debate whether to dist upgrade that or not when this stuff drops. If any linux users could advise me that would be great. I would like to start using linux more for my everyday stuff if I can.

I feel like I have amped up my computer work lately and feel like I have learned millions of new things in a short time. I keep trying things and I learn tons even if I fail. I think I may try and tackle an internal DNS server again. My last few attempts have met with defeat. If I can get and internal DNS up and running I may move ahead and get that static IP and try hosting something myself. I will take it slow for now. I don’t want to burn out too quick. IT is taking me a bit longer using Ubuntu server to set up everything, but at least I don’t have to shell out the cash for Windows Server.

I have hit a dead end with game writing lately. For some reason my brain is just not giving me anything. I can’t get motivated, and even when I am I can’t get any ideas to some out. I feel really crappy about the whole thing and hate letting my players down with crappy games. Maybe with our moving to one day a week I can sit out a few weeks to rest my head. Even though I have been running things pretty slim it still feels like somewhat of an overload. I may get too ambitious sometimes which may cause problems.

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Apr 042010

I feel a bazillion times better tonight. Saturdays are just way too long, even with naps. Maybe I will be productive tonight…. lol.

I managed to snag an old computer from work. It has no HDD or RAM, but I have that laying about. Unfortunately my problem is that I have no idea what to do with it. Before I had too many ideas and not enough computers. Now it is the opposite. I have two computers just sitting there empty, and one more that should be decommissioned, but comes in handy every now and then. Right now I am running a “domain server” for lack of a better term and a file/torrent server. My main computer is a Win 7 machine, and I have an old XP machine running next to me for general web surfingness and other such things. I had a machine for testing Linux stuff on but it was rarely used and the HDD was failing so I pulled it apart. I have contemplated a media server of some kind, but I don’t think that would get a lot of use. I only watch Netflix and Hulu on the internet and those don’t stream over a media server. We download videos so infrequently that it really isn’t worth it. We could just sync up our PCs to the Xbox and do it that way also. I am at a loss and it makes me sad. I suppose I could just make a Linux machine and put it on my KVM. Time will tell I guess.

I have fallen in love with <a href=”http://www.gog.com”>GoG.com</a>. Basically it sells old games, optimized for new computers, and DRM free. It picked up Might and Magic 1-6 and am having a blast. I have been playing through 4/5 and it brings back some good memories. I may have to fire up 3 and see how far I can get through that from memory lol. I also notice they had both Blake Stone games which I really loved back in the day. I may have to get one of those next.

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Mar 202010

Holy crap am I tired. I must be getting old or some lame shit like that.

We did some airsoft today and I got smoked pretty dang hard. It was still fun, but I need to take a look at my gun and make some adjustments. It seems to be firing bad. Plus, I did some really dumb stuff that got me hit. I’ll have to talk to Tuck and see what we can do.

I have been reading “The Legend of the Jade Phoenix” trilogy. They are three books from the Battletech universe, and holy hell are they good. I have enjoyed the heck out of them. The back story and different cultures are well defined. It makes me want to play some Battletech.

Actually me and John started playing Mecwarrior 4 Mercs again. MW5 needs to come out about yesterday. I am really looking forward to that game. MW4 was tons of fun and I could use an updated game.

I should be getting my HP Touchsmart Notebook on Tuesday. I will throw up some thoughts about that when I get a chance to feel it up a bit. Apparently Sprint is getting the Android 2.1 update out to my HTC Hero fairly soon. Looking forward to that quite a bit.

I am sort of scatterbrainy right now. Maybe something with content will come out in the future.

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Feb 142010

Not real work obviously. I never do that. I have lots of little projects kinda going along right now and a bunch of things to do at home.

The forums for Throw out the Dice have been set up over at http://forum.fridgewire.com so if you read this and have any interest in gaming at all go sign up and say hi. It will make me feel better about myself.

I have made considerable progress on the space game. I have finalized using the Cortex system for the game and have been working up gear specifics for most of the night so far. The one shot should be ready by March if I keep it up. I tend to go light on rules and numbers when designing things so the Cortex system is a perfect fit for that. I’m also hoping to recruit one or two more people for the game before starting it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. In any case, after this post I will probably be working on Writing up the worlds for both games.

We took a couple weeks off from my Shadowrun game, but will be playing it again on Monday. Looking forward to it. I haven’t ran a game for two weeks or so and it is kinda strange. I hope I still know what I am doing.

I managed to get another computer put together at my house and plan on getting amother OS running on that, but I haven’t decided what yet. I really have not *need* for it right now, but I want something on it just because. I also had an issue with my DHCP server that knocked out our internet for awhile. I rebooted it for some updates and when it came back up the DHCP service did not restart. It is running Ubuntu 9.10 server. I tried “service dhcpd restart” and “/etc/init.d/dhcpd restart” and neither of those worked. The first found no service named dhcpd and the other said the path was invalid. I usually use Webmin to start/stop my servers, but obviously I couldn’t because nothing had a valid IP. Is there a command I am missing or did I do something wrong? It would be nice to know the command to get the service running again.

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Jan 312010

Man I am bored. I have been doing a touch of studying for the N+ Exam, but it is starting to bore the shit out of me. I know I need to get moving on it but ugh…. it’s just soul rending. Eventually I will get my act together and just get the crap done. Then I get to move onto A+…. yay….

I finally have my server up and running somewhat. I have a DHCP server running along with an Apache server that obviously works only internally. My next goal is to configure my DNS zones which still kinda confuses me. I am using Ubuntu Server 9.10 running BIND and I am doing most of the configuration using Webmin. The DHCP was easy enough and the web server was already configured, but my previous work with the DNS stuff has yielded little. I am kind of confused on how the zones need to be set up. First do I need to set up one zone for my internal network and then one for my external domain? I guess I don’t really know what I need to do. Eventually I am going to move my externally hosted domain over to my own hardware and that whole setup is just a bit fuzzy. Any advice on the subject would be helpful.

I have decided I need to pick up the pace for the space game. I also need a better name than “the space game” so any ideas are welcome. I am going to try setting aside one hour a week just to work on gaming stuff only. I will probably put in more time throughout the week, but this is just dedicated time specifically for this. I am trying to collaborate with a few people as well so that may hold things up. I can still do lots of game/world writing for weeks to come. I have been considering using a wiki to keep track of information on the world. I have heard this is a really good way, but I don’t really know many people who have used that.

On a side not to people in my gaming group: We seem to be swapping games quite a bit and I was wondering if we want to keep a Google Calendar with a schedule that shows what game we will be playing that day or if it is canceled. Thoughts on that? I don’t mind keeping it going and I can toss it up on my site for quick access. Also I have a forum sitting an doing nothing would anyone want to use it for gaming info or even Throw out the Dice? Feedback appreciated if any of you kids read this.

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Jan 042010

I feel like I have been away form this for months when in reality is has been something like 2 days.  I blame all the new years crap and the extra work involved with that.

My good fiend, Tim, just got married on the 2nd. It was a pretty exciting day for him and I want to wish him the best in his new life. If you don’t see some post on Throw out the Dice from him give the guy a break. He deserves the time to be with his new wife. Me on the other hand, I am just lzy and forgetful.

I should talk about that a bit. I don’t pre-write my articles like Tim does. I write and post whatever is on my mind that night. Because we have not been gaming for the last few weeks due to holidays and marriage and such I have not had much on my mind. This in turn leads me to staring blankly at a computer screen until I give up. I should be all smart and get a backlog of articles, but that is just not me I guess.

We are starting gaming back up which is pretty sweet. Don’t know what we are going to do, but it should be fun. With Tim leaving I have to pick up the GM slack that has been left. Tuck has stepped up and agreed to run some games and I’m hoping I can con others into doing it as well. I don’t know about everyone else, but I like lots of different things going on. I like different games and settings. It keeps me interested. I also just ordered the core book for Ironclaw which should be interesting. Looks like a fun system and all, but getting people to play it may be tough.

Victory is mine for the time being. I managed to get Xubuntu 8.04 running on that old laptop. Now I just need to get the wireless card working. It’s an old Proxim silver card and finding the stuff to get it going has been tough. I have seen a few ways to possibly do it but all of them are pretty in depth. I home I am just missing something easy. I may set that project aside and work on throwing together a crappy print server for my parents. That could be tragic.

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