Mar 252011

Well I have been back from NZ for a couple weeks. Things have been busy, but it’s a good busy. I release v1.5 for the Earthdawn Dice Roller app. The update adds the much desired ability to use the Earthdawn Classic dice table and adds the ability to toggle a display for which dice values are being rolled. I didn’t put this in the change log anywhere, but I also made it so a bonus dice has and asterisk next to it so you can tell which dice are bonus dice. I am already working on v1.6 and have a working check box for karma dice in third edition. I need to implement it for classic still which takes a bit more work because if I am correct the steps are different for each race. I will probably put that in the options, because that isn’t something you should change every roll. I need to double check the rules to make sure I am getting this right. I will have to ask the ED community and make sure I am correct.

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Dec 202010

I suppose I should put at least some reference to my Earthdawn Dice Roller app on the Android market since this is the website I put on my developer account.

First, thanks to all the people who have downloaded it and are using it (about 20 of you at this time!). I appreciate the installs and I hope the app works well for you all. Feel free to drop comments and requests here if you have something you would like to see or just want to say something else.

Second, I am planning to recode a good portion of the app in the near future. I’m sure some people noticed but I am a big huge noob programmer. This is the only program I have written outside of the stuff I did for one class back in college. I am learning a great deal from this program and as a result need to redo some of my… they aren’t really mistakes…. but less than desirable programing techniques.¬† Bear with me as I learn, things should only get better in time.

Last, I will toss up a tab on this site for my app(s) so I can leave specific  information about each one. I will plan on having that up in the next couple days, if not sooner. I have plans to try making a really simple game to get more coding under my belt. Wish me luck!

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Mar 202010

Holy crap am I tired. I must be getting old or some lame shit like that.

We did some airsoft today and I got smoked pretty dang hard. It was still fun, but I need to take a look at my gun and make some adjustments. It seems to be firing bad. Plus, I did some really dumb stuff that got me hit. I’ll have to talk to Tuck and see what we can do.

I have been reading “The Legend of the Jade Phoenix” trilogy. They are three books from the Battletech universe, and holy hell are they good. I have enjoyed the heck out of them. The back story and different cultures are well defined. It makes me want to play some Battletech.

Actually me and John started playing Mecwarrior 4 Mercs again. MW5 needs to come out about yesterday. I am really looking forward to that game. MW4 was tons of fun and I could use an updated game.

I should be getting my HP Touchsmart Notebook on Tuesday. I will throw up some thoughts about that when I get a chance to feel it up a bit. Apparently Sprint is getting the Android 2.1 update out to my HTC Hero fairly soon. Looking forward to that quite a bit.

I am sort of scatterbrainy right now. Maybe something with content will come out in the future.

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Dec 062009

Wow It has been awhile since I posted here. Last week was a down week so I didn’t post anything. Almost feels like my life was on hold for a week or so. A busy week at work didn’t help at all. I’m chowing down lunch right now so I managed to get another post up. I realized a few days ago, when I found the cafeteria had new vending machine, how much I love Nesquik strawberry milk. I’m sure that makes me like 6 years old or something, but it is really damn good. I’m super glad it is here now. I’ll get sick of it in a few weeks I’m sure.

Watched the two new Dollhouse episodes on Hulu. Holy hell were they good. I am really enjoying the show and it’s sad they are canceling it. It isn’t Firefly by any means, but I am glad it exists. Plus it has Alexis Densiof and Summer Glau. What’s not to love about that. Seriously.

I finally got sick of AT&T and Apple’s general douchery and switched carriers and got a HTC Hero. I really really dig it. I know Google controls another portion of my life, but I can live with that. It isn’t as fast as the iPhone, but the ability to customize it and access what I want makes up for it. The app store need a little more time to mature, but they are good apps overall. I did prefer the email interface on the iPhone and the multitouch browser zoom, which hopefully gets into the Android 2.1 update soon. I still basically would love the iPhone hardware with Android running on it. I can’t have everything though. I really dig it so far and that little android mascot is fucking adorable!

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