Dec 282009

I never thought I would but I have been really looking at upgrades for my airsoft gun like crazy. After my brother got a M203 and some nice red dot sights and agreed to sell them to me I have been going crazy. I ordered a whole new vest setup and will be getting more parts for it when Tactical Tailor responds to my questions. I probably won’t be able to play for a few more months so now is a good time to get geared up I figure. Once I get all of my mods done (well I buy the parts my brother does it) I’ll post some sexy pictures of the finished product. I’m pretty stoked for it.

I am still messing with that damn old ass Sony Vaio or whatever the hell it is. I can’t seem to get the system to load properly. I am thinking GRUB is not installing right. I’ll try reinstalling that over my three days off. That little thing is a bastard. I have a copy of Ubuntu Warty I think I could just load on there. I don’t know if I can update to Karmic from there though. I should just try to reinstall the command line system. Once I get that fired up I should be able to get the Xubuntu desktop with apt. I have done that before so it doesn’t scare me.

My parents need a print server and being the cheap bastard that I am I have decided to try and turn one of my old ass junk computers into an print server. I have a feeling that this will not work well, but that won’t stop me. It seems I have to fail to learn. Eventually I will break down and buy one of those tiny commercial print servers. I should finish one project at a time though first. Laptop then print server. Too much shit laying around as it is.

Been playing Runescape like a beast. I finished the quest Underground Pass last night which opens up a big time quest as soon as I get a couple more skill points. Should be ready for it in a couple days. I’m pretty excited for it. I won’t be a total noob anymore.

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Dec 062009

Wow It has been awhile since I posted here. Last week was a down week so I didn’t post anything. Almost feels like my life was on hold for a week or so. A busy week at work didn’t help at all. I’m chowing down lunch right now so I managed to get another post up. I realized a few days ago, when I found the cafeteria had new vending machine, how much I love Nesquik strawberry milk. I’m sure that makes me like 6 years old or something, but it is really damn good. I’m super glad it is here now. I’ll get sick of it in a few weeks I’m sure.

Watched the two new Dollhouse episodes on Hulu. Holy hell were they good. I am really enjoying the show and it’s sad they are canceling it. It isn’t Firefly by any means, but I am glad it exists. Plus it has Alexis Densiof and Summer Glau. What’s not to love about that. Seriously.

I finally got sick of AT&T and Apple’s general douchery and switched carriers and got a HTC Hero. I really really dig it. I know Google controls another portion of my life, but I can live with that. It isn’t as fast as the iPhone, but the ability to customize it and access what I want makes up for it. The app store need a little more time to mature, but they are good apps overall. I did prefer the email interface on the iPhone and the multitouch browser zoom, which hopefully gets into the Android 2.1 update soon. I still basically would love the iPhone hardware with Android running on it. I can’t have everything though. I really dig it so far and that little android mascot is fucking adorable!

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Oct 312009

So I get to work an extra hour because of DST. I’m sure more third shifters out there feel my pain. At least we get the our off later in the year (maybe).

Borderlands is pretty damn sweet. Me and Dan have been rocking it pretty hard and I love it. Also rolling with Windows 7 on my main computer and I love it. Much better than Vista in my opinion. Lots of little things that make it great. I actually seems like Microsoft listened to users. I’m a fan so far. Also updated my Ubuntu distro to “Karmic Koala” or 9.10 for all you people you are not into naming your OS after animals. Haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. I should use Linux more.

Ran a Shadowrun game today for fun. Had everyone roll up gang characters who really can’t do shit. Everyone seemed to have fun and had a good bar fight. I kinda used the game to try some different stuff. Going to keep it open as a filler game. Even though the game went really well I’m starting to feel a disconnect somewhere with gaming as a whole. I’m not quitting or anything it’s just that something doesn’t seem right. I had a long conversation with a friend about some things a few days ago and it kind of showed me how I relate to game worlds and characters. I think I am missing a beat with my normal game group somewhere. I know I have always been the kind of person who could go through the whole game without rolling dice, and most of the other are not of that mindset. I need to pull my brain back in somehow I just don’t know how. I should be easy on them considering I have been playing for years and most of them have just started (basically) and some are in the “dungeon crawl phase” of gaming. It just seems like there is more of a focus on “The guy = exp” and not on building a story with characters that have goals and feelings. I will admit some of the interactions are great. In my SR game the characters meet frequently at a restaurant chain called “The Hearthstone” (think Perkins) to chat about missions and everything else. I can imagine them there drinking coffee and talking the whole time. For some reason that is one of my favorite things. I like watching the characters build friendships or rivalries. In the previous game the whole purpose for us to continue our adventure was to save one of our friends who we actually cared about. Even though the real threat was essentially the end of the world we didn’t give a shit about that. We wanted out friend back. I’m not saying the SR should be completely like that and the world is a little darker. I just think a human aspect is missing from it. Maybe it’s all in my brain, but I suppose I should practice what I preach and do some talking to see where I sit and they sit. I don’t think people should change, but knowing where they sit will help me accommodate them in my play. Perceptions need to at least be somewhat in line or there can be issues. I just need to check all the perceptions. Wow that was a rambling mess.

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Oct 122009

I was getting a little fed up with the slow speed of Ubuntu 9.04 on my netbook so I did some live boot testing to decide between Ubuntu Netbook Remix or Moblin 2.0. I eventually decided to go with an install of Moblin and try something compeltly new. I’ll list off the things I liked about it first. The GUI is really slick and fast, the boot time is almost non-existent, and it has loads of web integration including messengers and thigns like and twitter. Looked good off the bat. Now I soon found out that finding any type of setting is like trying to convince a nun to dress up like Satan and spank you. You really need to be creative and look for the answer in places that don’t logically make sense. I found out the wifi can also be sketchy, but that was nothign compared to the last. THERE IS NO MP3 CODEC INSTALLED BY DEFAULT! Imagine my surprise when I try to play my music on the integrated media player that comes installed by default and it does not work. So like any good linux user I jump on the repositories and start looking ans lo and behold there are no mp3 codecs at all! Now I have a big huge WTF hanging over my head. After some creative googling I managed to download a codec that worked…. but it was a tar ball and I had to extract it correclty. I have to flex my massive linux terminal muscles, which are atorphied to the point of death because they are never used at all. Well I managed to guess the move command at least after I extraced it (it’s “mv [source] [destination]” in case you were curious.) my beautiful Songbird is singing Three Inches of Blood. I shouldn’t blame them too much. I think there are some liscensing issues with mp3 files or something dumb like that.

This really seems like a linux distro for people who only know how to use cell phone OSs. Even with that I dig it once I ironed out most of the issues. It still needs some work, but it has lots of potential and it slick for UMPCs.

I’m looking at dropping our cable TV and have been working out ways to set up a HTPC. I figure I can get one built for cheapish and actually use linux as an OS. I ran across XBMC while looking for software and made a liveboot disk of it. Holy crap is it sweet. When testing it I only used my laptops remote to get a feel of menu navigation like that. It worked like a charm, even when getting a video off the network. I even watched part of Strange Days over the network from a shared folder from an avi file and it worked great. I read about a hulu plugin for it and after researching that I may go with that. I am stoked for it. Hopefully it worked good after testing unlike Moblin.

Oh yeah.. Shadowrun…. shit……

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Sep 212009

Damn, I am tired. Tonight just killed me for some reason. I should be used to this by now. Could be that I had absolutely nothing to do most of the night. I should probably have worked on more Shadowrun stuff, but I can run with what I got. I read a few chapters in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and it’s pretty epic. I just can’t sit and read tonight. When I finish it I will finally have to watch Bladerunner. Yeah, I suck as a cyberpunk fan.

So, this is officially my first post using Linux. I have been using it more and more lately as I figure out how to use the beast. It has some craziness with it, but I am overcoming it.

Speaking of Linux, and therefore for me Ubuntu, I tried installing the netbook remix on my netbook. Now to be honest I used the synaptic package manager to get everything for it over the top of my current install so things were kinda sketchy because of that. I will have to try a live boot with it for a bit. It looks really slick, but almost to…hmm…. mobile phoneish. I tend to have at the least 4-5 open programs and windows at a time and I don’t know how it handles that. A clean install may help a bit. Hell I almost should just get rid of my Windows install on it. Maybe someday when I feel confident with it. I am still sketchy on many of the things.

Dang… I’m tired. I should take a walk.

“Tacoma 1987: When Dreams Come True” by For All Those Sleeping
“Distant Early Warning” by Rush

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Sep 192009

So, I recently started dual booting Ubuntu on my netbook and “laptop”. I really dig it so far. It has been pretty easy to work with so far, considering this is my third shot at it. I actually can do stuff on it and be mostly productive. I absolutly LOVE the workspace concept they use allowing you to have multiple clean desktops to place windows. The software repositories are also convenient, mostly because you don’t have to attempt to actually install something which confuses the hell out of me. I feel like I should be treating installation like windows and putting everything in the “Program Files” folder or something. It took me long enough to find the home folder and understand it let alone anything else. I still have a lot of learning to do and I will be working at it. I also installed Wine and haven’t been able to get that to fire up a program yet. Am I doing something wrong? Too bad no one who uses linux will ever read this blog.

The last session of out current D&D campaign was tonight. Obviously it ran long and I had to cut out before it was done, so I don’t know if we live or die. Makes me sad. I wanna see how it ends. We are doing a “Epilogue” two weeks from now and I’m pretty stoked for that. The GM is going to share his initial plan on the story and all the NPC’s backstories as well as all of us sharing our characters histories and motivations. I really wanna hear some of the characters stories and ideas and what they think about each other. It has been a long game, pushing two years for us, although we did have about a 3-4 month break in there, maybe more. It has been close to… 3 years in our characters lives I think? Long and epic game.

I have been rocking the ebay and amazon lately and I am totally stoked because I finally got Strange Days today. I totally dig that movie very very much. Mostly because I love Shadowrun and this movie explains simsense better than I ever could. Totally epic.

If you dig Shadowrun be watching for the first DDH issue to come out. Your’s truly has a short fiction article in there. It is looking good overall.

“Ghost Prototype II – Deus Ex Machina” by Scar Symmetry
“Jimmy Carter” by Electric Six

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