Feb 142010

Not real work obviously. I never do that. I have lots of little projects kinda going along right now and a bunch of things to do at home.

The forums for Throw out the Dice have been set up over at http://forum.fridgewire.com so if you read this and have any interest in gaming at all go sign up and say hi. It will make me feel better about myself.

I have made considerable progress on the space game. I have finalized using the Cortex system for the game and have been working up gear specifics for most of the night so far. The one shot should be ready by March if I keep it up. I tend to go light on rules and numbers when designing things so the Cortex system is a perfect fit for that. I’m also hoping to recruit one or two more people for the game before starting it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. In any case, after this post I will probably be working on Writing up the worlds for both games.

We took a couple weeks off from my Shadowrun game, but will be playing it again on Monday. Looking forward to it. I haven’t ran a game for two weeks or so and it is kinda strange. I hope I still know what I am doing.

I managed to get another computer put together at my house and plan on getting amother OS running on that, but I haven’t decided what yet. I really have not *need* for it right now, but I want something on it just because. I also had an issue with my DHCP server that knocked out our internet for awhile. I rebooted it for some updates and when it came back up the DHCP service did not restart. It is running Ubuntu 9.10 server. I tried “service dhcpd restart” and “/etc/init.d/dhcpd restart” and neither of those worked. The first found no service named dhcpd and the other said the path was invalid. I usually use Webmin to start/stop my servers, but obviously I couldn’t because nothing had a valid IP. Is there a command I am missing or did I do something wrong? It would be nice to know the command to get the service running again.

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Feb 072010

I have been trying to get the forum up and running for use with Throw out the Dice. It looks like the skeleton is up and ready to go right now. I eventually need to add more boards, change the placeholder logo, change some image files, and get the user groups in line. I decided to leave open registrations and just delete any spam accounts that come along. I have been getting one or two every few days so it has been manageable, just annoying. The big thing is going to be selling this to people. It just opened up and looking at empty boards as a user is not a good thing. I have been starting topics in the empty boards to give people something to come to. I suppose I just need to give it some time and promote it a little bit. I suppose if anyone is reading this please hop over there by clicking the link on the side and make an account. We need a few good conversations to start up.

I don’t know what it was with last week, but I don’t think I got anything done. The funny thing is I felt like I didn’t do anything. My brain is kind of missing things it seems. Hopefully I get back on track this week although things are not starting off too well.

I am quite anxious to start up Shadowrun again. Other people have been running games, and while it has been nice to be a player, I really want to get the SR plot moving again. I have moved back a bit from the heavy writing for the SR game and decided to give it a bit more free form. I have some decent hooks in place that I hope will work out well.

I am hoping to have the one shot for the space game ready sometime in March, but this is a hope more than a deadline. I have to iron out one or two rule related things and then write out the one shot plot. I have a general idea of it, but it needs to be finalized. Not that it is anything too crazy or ground breaking.

As I said, I have been playing much more recently and the GMs running the games are relatively new at it. The games have been really enjoyable for me though overall and have been picking up. I have been noticing lots of things recently while watching other people GM. I have mostly noticed all the things I could do much better while running my games. I have noticed my NPCs could use a little more work and definition. The lesser reoccurring NPCs are not as defined and recognizable as they should be in my opinion. I think I need to pick that up and really work them out. I also need to watch traits and flaws and bring them into play better. I feel like I have been missing some of them completely from an RP standpoint. The players in the SR game have given me some good stuff to work with and I need to develop it. I suppose it is a good thing to notice all this. Hopefully I can get better at it in the long run.

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Nov 222009

I have been rather lazy with my posting and writing lately. I took a week off from posting on Throw Out the Dice last week and we decided to take a week off from Shadowrun and the D&D game before that. It was nice to not have to think so much for the week. Unfortunately I also haven’t been writing on my own projects much. I am hoping to pick those back up soon.

I did not completely forgo all of my little projects though. I have been reconfigureing a few computers at my house to test some server stuffs. I would like to eventually get a domain supported in my house, mostly just for the hell of it. I managed to get a DHCP server working, but that was just a test and moved that back to my router. My next goal is an internal DNS server. I hope it isn’t too scary. I have also been starting up some virtualization to test networking that with my server. In the end I am virtualize a few servers on one box. Dunno how well that works out though.

I have been thinking quite a bit about some aspect of TOtD and probably with run some things by Tim soonish. I would really like to discuss things with other people, so maybe a forum is in order. I don’t know how well that sits with Tim though and there are issues tied to that that need to be looked at. Also getting some word out would be good. Mostly it is just for our gaming group, but a little more exposure may not be a bad thing. I think it’s more brain musing than it is a realistic plan, but we will see.

I’m getting close to the end of my hosting plan. Still don’t know if I want to keep it or not. I really don’t have a use for it right now. Maybe in the future I will pick one up again, but I think as of now I will let it expire. I still have the domain for a year at least.

Oh, if anyone knows of a good deal on a server box let me know. Even if it is older and used that would be cool. I just want something to try stuff out on. I would just need all the hardware essentially. I could replace HDDs also if they were not included.

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