Jan 102010

Just finished the second to last (I think) episode of Dollhouse… HOLY SHIT FUCK! I don’t even know what to say. It was crazy as hell and explains almost every question I had from Epitaph back in first season. Things usually don’t seem to surprise me for some reason in TV and movies, but this really got me. Actually a few things did. The end should be totally epic. I’ll need to pick up both seasons on DVD when it’s all done.

Lots of stuff happening with gaming. John started running a game and plans on continuing it for at least a few sessions. He also is planning another one for the future which is sweet. Tuck is working up his Earthdawn game which I am looking forward to. I have the current Shadowrun game going and a Serenity game that we started. I also have been putting some time into the space game I am setting up. I managed to find someone to do some art for it to help get pictures in peoples’ minds. A big thanks to them for that. I have a good chunk of work ahead of me, but with the current games and the games other people are planning I should have the time for it. I am going to plan for SR heavy this weekend and probably take the next week off. If I get a solid two sessions planned up I should be good for the break. I have two or three weeks to tie up one storyline before one player moves away. Tim will be leaving sometime this month to live in another part of the state with his new wife. We talked and he wanted to be around to finish up some of the story. I wish him the best in his new life. We may even get some posts on Throw out the Dice about him finding a new group.

I preordered Star Trek Online and snagged a beta key for it. I’m looking forward to trying it out when the servers come up on the 12th. Seems pretty slick, but I can’t say until I play it. I’ll just have to stick with Runescape until then. I suppose I have lots of work to do for Shadowrun on Monday. Best get to it.

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Dec 212009

Whew I must be getting old because it is getting harder to stay up late. I never though midnights would drag me down like this.

Watched two more episodes of Dollhouse and it is really getting sad that they canceled that show. The plot is getting really cool and stuff is really happening. One of the episodes was really creepy. For some reason it reminded me of the episode from Angel season 5 where the crazy ghost guy is after Spike. Freaky shit in my opinion. I think there are only two episodes left to go. Looking forward to the last one it should be epic.

Runescape is my game now it seems. I have been playing pretty hard core lately and managed to advance quite a bit in my short time playing. I never though I would enjoy that game as much as I do now. I’m hoping to make more progress over the next few weeks. It is the perfect game for work because it requires little attention and I can get stuff done while playing it. Plus it runs good on the netbook.

A friend of mine recently gave me a ooooooooooooooooooold (windows 95 era) Sony Vaio notebook. Well, it’s bigger than a notebook. I was hoping to put Ubuntu on it, but I don’t think the versions of Linux I have will run on that processor. It is something like a 240 Mhz Pentium. I may just have to clean up the XP install on it and then turn it into a wall hanging. At least it’s no loss if I break it. It’s outdated and I got it for free.

Writing for Shadowrun is getting tough right now. I have been planning the arcs and know the story, but I almost feel there need to be a few more stepping stones thrown in before the next part of the story comes up. Maybe I am just over thinking it. I like how things have gone so far. The group is looking good, and they are finding their roles very well. Individual skills and personalities are really coming out and being used. I think encouraging a bit more player interaction would be good though. There will be situations for that soon. I have really been turning the final encounter over in my head a lot. I have been planning it for some time, but I don’t want the whole event to be too complex, yet I want it to be a challenge and give everyone an opportunity to use their skills. I’ll keep working on it for now. There is a bit of time before this goes down. I also don’t know which direction they will go first. Either way works I guess.

I’ll polish up a few things when I get breakfast after work. I am craving McD’s breakfast burritos something fierce. mmmmm nummy.

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Dec 132009

I have recently started playing Runescape again, to feed my video game addiction. I don’t remember enjoying it this much. I played pretty heavy for about 3 years and then left it for WoW. There is something about its simplicity that makes it inviting, but still allows very complex actions and goals. I was talking with my brother about the game recently and I never realized howmany complex events/quests/monsters there were in the game. I have been playing pretty heavy and hope to gain a small amount of ground on him. (I hope he reads this and chuckles.)

On my way to work today I popped in “Exit Stage Right”, a live CD by Rush, into my player and something jumped out at me. I know I have said this before as well. I really think Alex Lifeson doesn’t get enough credit. He is so often overshadowed by Geddy Lee and Neil Peart that nothing gets said about him. I am not saying Lee and Peart are bad musicians, I would have to be completely insane or retarded to say that.  I just think Lifeson is better than most people give him credit for. The styles he uses are so flowing and melodic that they really stick in my head. I still love the solo of his on “Limelight”. It has a haunting sound to it that really gives the song a strange feeling of loneliness. I guess it really jumped out today for me.

Have two episodes of Dollhouse to watch.  I’m looking forward to it. The show really picked up… after the canceled it. Oh well I can enjoy the remainder of it.

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Dec 062009

Wow It has been awhile since I posted here. Last week was a down week so I didn’t post anything. Almost feels like my life was on hold for a week or so. A busy week at work didn’t help at all. I’m chowing down lunch right now so I managed to get another post up. I realized a few days ago, when I found the cafeteria had new vending machine, how much I love Nesquik strawberry milk. I’m sure that makes me like 6 years old or something, but it is really damn good. I’m super glad it is here now. I’ll get sick of it in a few weeks I’m sure.

Watched the two new Dollhouse episodes on Hulu. Holy hell were they good. I am really enjoying the show and it’s sad they are canceling it. It isn’t Firefly by any means, but I am glad it exists. Plus it has Alexis Densiof and Summer Glau. What’s not to love about that. Seriously.

I finally got sick of AT&T and Apple’s general douchery and switched carriers and got a HTC Hero. I really really dig it. I know Google controls another portion of my life, but I can live with that. It isn’t as fast as the iPhone, but the ability to customize it and access what I want makes up for it. The app store need a little more time to mature, but they are good apps overall. I did prefer the email interface on the iPhone and the multitouch browser zoom, which hopefully gets into the Android 2.1 update soon. I still basically would love the iPhone hardware with Android running on it. I can’t have everything though. I really dig it so far and that little android mascot is fucking adorable!

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Oct 252009

I just finished watching the last episode of Dollhouse and holy shit was it good. I pretty much have been expecting the show to be canceled and I know it is ending this season, but this actually makes me feel bad about it. Some good stuff finally rolls around and the end is so near. Brings a tear to my eye.

I’m patiently waiting for my copy of Windows 7 to arrive. I am pretty stoked to get that shit rolling on my computer. I didn’t really get a chance to drive into the guts of it when I had the RC. I really want to see how it performs under continual use. I like the bit I worked with it, but that doesn’t tell how it will work being my main OS. I have heard good things so I have faith.

I should be getting my copy of Borderlands soon and I am pretty excited for that game. Not as excited as I am for MW2, but that really isn’t a fair comparison. Borderlands still looks sweet and I think I will get a good amount of play out of it. Saw some game play footage for it and that made me more excited. It actually uses iron sights, which is a huge plus for me. I love iron sight aiming on games. It just makes everything feel good. I’ll probably shout about it after I play it a bit. We shall see in the upcoming days.

The first issue of DDH isn’t out yet due to more technical issues. I’ll keep the faith and hope for the best with it. I saw some of the artwork and it looks shiny. If this comes together alright it will look great. I’ll keep my fingers crossed right now.

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Oct 052009

So the first issue of DDH is supposed to come out sometime today. I was hoping it would be soon, but alas this is not true. I’m sure I’ll have a post up with a link when it comes out. Super stoked to see the finished product.

Another shameless plug, even though if you read this chances are you already know about it. Me and Tim have a blog about running tabletop RPGs. Check it out at Throw out the Dice.

I’m digging Dollhouse quite a bit. I’m sure it is gonna be canceled soon, and the only reason it isn’t right now is that it is a weekend and no one is at work. Still, I think it gives some really tangible thoughts on the whole trans-human ideas that people may face. I got a bit of that out of Bladerunner and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? also. Mostly the question of human identity. I’m sure this has all been talked about before, but I really don’t care. I am curious how human identity will change as we let go of our bodies as an identity. Much of what we think is tied to that identity and once we lose that will be find a new identity? If you have a more mental identity how will people relate to that. I suppose hot, shallow people will have a tough time then. Maybe that is just my nerd hopes.

I saw a picture of an airsoft Ares Predator and I really really want one. I know it was a custom gun and all, but I would pay rediculous sums of money for one. It would have to be a blow back version though. Man a real one would be even better. Hiring gunsmith to make one, seriously. Too bad I could never afford that. I just gotta convince my bro to make me an Ares Alpha. If you don’t know what those are they are guns from Shadowrun. Google it.

I’m still planning out some of the big things for the Shadowrun game as well. I need to get it on paper before I lose it. It is coming together in my mind at least. I would like to work on the space game a bit, but I need to focus. I’ll just keep bouncing ideas off people for a bit and see what they want out of it. I’ll wrap it up and get bakc to refreshing the DDH page waiting for the issue to come out.

Edit: now I don’t forget titles. I forget links.

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Sep 272009

Some nights just drag on and on. I wish I could be done already. I could use breakfast.

Saturday is usually gaming day and our normal GM was gone today so I printed off an old 2nd ed. D&D Ravenloft adventure and it was sweet. I forgot how much fun Ravenloft was. It is just…. creepy. Even with converting 2nd edition to 3.5 on the fly it went rather well for absolutely no preparation and not even reading through the adventure. I was expecting a one shot but I guess this will stick around for two or three sessions.

One of the guys in the group started playing Halo:ODST at my place………Quick Sidebar: ODST is my room mate’s game. I actually LOATH the Halo franchise and the dumbed down, uninteresting game that has become hugely popular among college aged douches. It is not a bad game in itself it is just so incredibly un-inventive and mediocre that I cannot stand the hype. ODST is slightly better in that regard [End Rant]………. and he mentioned doing a Halo-esque space game would be sweet. Well, I went ripshit crazy with that and have been writing up the game since. I am really excited for it in many ways, even if I decided on d20 Modern for the system. I will have to start plotting and scheming.

I managed to grab a digital copy of 2nd edition Bunnies and Burrows and that game looks damn sweet. It really resembles old school D&D and the book is horrible put together, but I wanna try it. Actually as a result of finding the book my brother convinced me to read Watership Down, and by convinced I mean said something along the lines of “That book was sweet”. The half-priced bookstore I found close to our house actually had a copy I snagged, along with a bunch of Shadowrun novels. To bad I read really really damn slow.

I finished Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? awhile back and decided to watch Bladerunner after I finished the book. I started it tonight, but didn’t get very far, like a third through. Maybe it was the netbook and the volume variations being so crazy. One second I couldn’t hear it the next it was blowing my ears out. Also it was very very dark, which is cool, but tough to see on a small screen in a bright room while trying to work sometimes.I’ll just have to watch it at home.

Watched Dollhouse season 2 episode 1 on Hulu tonight. I’m pretty stoked for it. I really dig the whole Dr. Saunders story line thing. I won’t shoot my mouth of too much, but it is epic and will end up tragic. Of course we already know the “end” kinda from Epitaph. Looking forward to the whole thing.

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