Mar 302011

Just released an update for the dice roller that adds a check box to roll karma dice. This functions for both Classic and 3rd  Edition. In the options there is a list to select which race/die value to use for Classic karma.

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Feb 202011

Holy crap… Life has been a flurry for the pas few months. I really haven’t had time to work on any of my projects. I actually decided to stop writing for Throw out the Dice and handed that over to Tim. He is still charging ahead with that even with the crazy stuff going on in his life.

I recently have been transitioning to a new position where I work and the process of applying for the job and then transitioning  into it has sucked a great deal of life from me. Once things settle down at work I should be able to get my mind a little straight at least. The new position has kind of destroyed my blog title in some ways. I no longer work midnight and will be a normal day person most likely. It sort of makes me sad, but I had to go with it.  I’ll probably keep the name of my blog and such because I really dig it.

In the midst of the job change I will be leaving on a trip to New Zealand for a couple weeks. I am hoping to really use the time to take it easy and clear my head and get a somewhat fresh start when I get back. Realistically, I probably will work harder to catch up from being gone for two weeks. In any case I can work on some things there and on the loooooong flight. Maybe I can finish another story and get that posted. We shall see…

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Jul 192010

Got back a couple days ago from Sonshine festival in Willmar, MN. This is probably the seventh(?) year I have gone and it was a blast. The big highlight for me was seeing one of my favorite bands, Bleach, play again after they stopped six years ago. It was pretty rad. Can’t wait to hear their new album when it get released.

The O.C. Supertones also played a show after stopping 5 years ago and that was a rad show as well. Good to hear some ska again. Seeing  both of these bands really made the trip for me. I listened to these guys for a long time and Bleach is pretty much the band that got me into the music I listen to now.

Got to hear some pretty big bands as well. August Burns Red was there again and was a pretty hard core show as always. They are never a let down and it was a high energy and insane show. Saw Project 86 for the first time and was pretty impressed. They had a really solid live sound. I picked up their newest CD and so far I am really digging it. Check out the video for “The Destroyer” on their site. It is a good time.

This was my first time seeing Showbread live, and their first time at Sonshine. I really enjoyed that show. They played a couple songs I didn’t expect and I was happy about that. I managed to talk to Drew after the show for a couple moments also. Really nice guy, hope they keep making some solid music and the new album works out for them. They are releasing it for free on their site when it is recorded.

I also got to see a few bands from the Midwest who are “hometown” favorites of mine. Children 18:3 has been there ever since I can remember and is always a wild show. Your Memorial played late in the night, and was super metal. Can’t wait to hear their new record. The Suit was amazing as always and we picked up their new CD. I was surprised how much vocal talent they had going on. I didn’t remember that from last year. The first show we caught was And The Greatest of These. A security guard from the previous year was the singer in that band and they sounded awesome. I hope they stick together and we can see them next year.

The only thing that sucked was we got hit by severe weather the last day. Huge wind gusts and driving rain almost toppled out camp. It got so bad and because of the threat of possible tornadoes we had to head for shelter for about half an hour until things calmed down and it was looking safe. The weather was pretty wild. All in all it was a great time and I can’t wait for next year.

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Jun 212010

I have mentioned this to a few other people, so I thought I would toss some thoughts out on it here. I’m sure lots of people would disagree with me.

Basically I am somewhat frustrated with the lack of anything new in the tech world. Yeah, we keep getting faster chips that run cooler and are smaller, but that isn’t anything new. That is refining something. It is not groundbreaking. It isn’t going to make a huge change to our lives anytime soon. It may contribute to future innovation, but right now it’s just the same thing, but better. The things I am curious about seem a few years out. Things like home quantum computing, or full AR on a large scale. It almost feels like AR should have happened by now on a slightly larger scale. I am disappointed we don’t have a solid wireless network that is compatible with all devices. Am I the only person who thinks that is possible and should be here by now? Maybe I am expecting too much right now. It seems like we have the capacity for great things, but feels like we are moving so slow…

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Jun 072010

Apparently I have this blog that I write in and stuff, but I feel like I haven’t put anything of value in it for the last month or two. That probably won’t change tonight at all. I haven’t done much with anything lately. I have been writing up some documents for the space game and I wish I could share them, but I don’t wanna ruin anything for the players.

Airsoft is at a standstill. Very few games and no building lately.  I haven’t worked on any tech projects at all. It is just kinda blah right now. Maybe I’ll have something to report in the near future, but right now ain’t much happening. I need to get motivated on something.

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Mar 152010

It seems like the last week flew by. I was busy most of the week with a trip to IKEA, which was epic, and setting up a clinic for work. The weekend seems much shorter also. I had to rush last night with DST and tonight I have extra stuff. This whole actually working thing really sucks.

Airsoft on Saturday was a no go. Everyone else was busy and the weather was crap. I finally got my new Tactical Tailor holster for my Five-Seven and it is sexy time. It fits like a dream and doesn’t mess with the slide like my other (cheaper) holsters have. I really want to get that out in the field.

I broke down and bought the HP Touchsmart notebook finally. They had a really good deal that saved me like $500 on it. I am pretty pumped to get it. I am really going to try using it for gaming applications and such. I will probably post about how that works out in the future. I am really excited to get it, but I spent way more money than I should have this month. I will have to save some money in the coming months.

Don’t have much else to say right now. Seems like life is busy right now, and boring. When something happens I will have words to say.

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Jan 012010

First off, I am looking for a few people for various things.

We are trying to fill a couple spots in our gaming group. We play at 6pm to 10pmish on Saturdays and Mondays. You don’t need to go to both days. If you want to check it out let me know. We usually play Shadowrun, Serenity, D&D, and will be starting a bunch of new systems including Earthdawn, d20 modern/future and various others. If you are new to gaming or haven’t done it in awhile that is fine. We are more than willing to teach others and help get people into the hobby. Just get in touch with me through email/twitter/facebook/comments/etc.

Also, I am looking for an artist to help me out. I don’t care what style or anything I just have zero artistic ability and am looking for someone who has ability to help me create some game material visually. I can’t pay you anything, but if you can come chill with me at my place I’ll share some beer with you. Also if you have an online presence I will pimp your shit the best I can. I do lots of different stuff from fantasy/medieval to modern to sci-fi. I would guess a good portion would be objects and scenes, maybe some character drawing. Anything I can get basically. Interested at all reach me through the same methods as above.

If you have any friends that would fit either of those categories let me know. Thanks.


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Dec 252009

Working on Christmas is kind of nice. It’s a slow easy and and no one expects much from you because you are working on a holiday.  I just hope I won’t have to do a double or more with the damn blizzard going on. I guess it’s extra cash if I get stuck with it.

Visited my parents today and something really clicked in my head. About a year or so ago my dad quit his (really well paying) job to work at his church for about what I make (about 1/3 what he used to make). He hated his old job and loves the new one. He coordinates volunteer services for the church and leads studies and such. My mother got a job at a group home , and she loves her job and the clients she works with. Now, my questions is were did I go wrong? I get no joy from helping people. I don’t care much about other peoples misfortune and prefer to ignore them or avoid them. I know this is a typical attitude, but you think I would have picked it up somewhere. It bothers me somewhat now. I doubt I will change, but now I am aware of this fact. I don’t even really feel bad about it. I guess we all don’t have gifts like that. I’m glad they are doing it so I don’t have to.

Nothing else to say. Bored as hell right now and I could use a nap. May be a long night.

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Nov 112009

I like I have to say something today. I have a huge respect for our troops and what they sacrifice to keep our country safe. Regardless of the political nature of our conflicts these people are willing to keep us free. They sacrifice much to give us that. I just want to say thank you to all the veterans out there, who have served in times of conflict or peace. You are all true American heros.

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