Sep 062009

Man, August was completely soul destroying at work. Everything seemed to go wrong along with it being busy as heck. I hope it slows down so I can work a normal week.
Shadowrun game starts in one week. I am way too excited. It’s like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. I have been looking forward to this for a long long time. Apparently things get done if you get your shit together and work at it. Gonna be a good group of people and hopefully I can deliver on my end. I haven’t ran a game since College probably. I’m thinking 2 years almost. Maybe I’m wrong, but nothing serious since then. I have a ton of ideas for short games and one-shots, but I am focusing all of my energy on Shadowrun for now. Man, I’m stoaked.

So, I listen to lots of music and have an iPhone. Naturally I would use the virus, I mean media player, iTunes. Well, I recently came across a media player called Songbird that is made by the Mozilla team. As you can tell this contains all the necessary ingredients for something to be awesome. Unfortunately, I does not yet support two things I use, iPhone syncing and Simplify Media. Now, I covered the iPhone with a wonderful application called SharePod, which is a great application so check it out and toss the guy a buck. The only thing keeping me hooked into the disgustingness that is iTunes is Simplify Media, which I love. That is how I get all my music on my netbook and I only keep songs I really listen to lots on my iPhone. I don’t know where this is going, but someone please please please write a add on for Simplify Media for Songbird. I will love you forever.

I don’t know what Apple did, but they fucked the iPhone over somewhat. It is a wonderful piece of hardware even with it’s faults. Unfortunately, it is one of the douchiest cell networks, pretty much requires a terrible piece of software, and has a really shifty app store. It’s like sticking a diamond in a pile of crap. You probably will go after it, but obviously get covered in shit in the process. Maybe I’m just really picky, and I will admit I love programs that have add ins and are extensible. That’s just how I roll. I suppose that is why I use Firefox, Thunderbird, and Songbird. I guess that makes me a fan boy, eh?

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Aug 262009

So, I was sitting around thinking about some of the FPS games I have played over time and something really occurred to me. From when I started playing FPSs with Wolfenstein 3D to the current FPS I have picked up which is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare there seems to have been a huge shift in how melee weapons are used and viewed. In Wolf 3D the only reason you whipped out the knife was if you were completly out of ammo, and that was a very uncommon occurence unless you jsut held down the fire button with the chaingun. It was pretty pointless and only existed so you could function without ammon. It did almost no damage and was worthless. This continued in most of the games I played, Doom and Doom 2 mainly, until about the time I picked up Half-Life. Now the crowbar wasn’t a huge damage weapon, but they introduced it as a utility item. That game was one of the big ones where each weapon was useful in it’s own right. Weapons each had their own niche and that included the melee weapons. Now, this is just the first game I played that heavily made the transition and very well may not have been the first and I am only speaking from my own experiences. The next big jump in my mind came from the “modern FPSs” like the Halo series, CoD4:MW, and other. Melee weapons suddenly became incredibly powerful one-shot-kill weapons that were very very usable. I don’t know where this actually happened, but Halo was the first big one I saw. I just wonder where this transistion happened for sure. So that my my ming rammbling. There ya go.

Listening to Fear the Boot podcast. A podcast about table top gaming.

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Aug 182009

So, I am a big Shadowrun fan. Probably one of my favorite table tops out there and my favorite world by far. I have this strange fascination with pointing out real world advances that are moving us closer to that world, because I am a nerd.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to try this yet, but apparently someone is proposing an arcology in New Orleans. That is pretty damn epic, in a scary way. And what is with all arcologies being shaped like pyramids? I don’t really get it, but I guess there probably is a reason.

I have been sleeping terribly for the last few days and it’s killing me. I don’t know why either. I just can’t fall asleep at all. I think it is makeing me ill and I’m not liking it one bit. Maybe it will shape up with any luck.

“The Adventure” by Angels & Airwaves
“Broken Lungs” by Thrice

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Aug 162009

Man, some weeks are just a kick in the balls. Between work being crazy with overtime, upgrades, system failures and such and just dealing with life I am exhausted. After our airsoft skirmishes I crashed super hard and slept for 4 hours on a couch. It was pretty sad. Hopefully after the weekend the insanity will die down for a bit. I have lots to do around the house still.

Finally a glimmer of hope for getting the Shadowrun game started. I have been looking forward to something not D&D for some time. Its good and all I just like switching it up a bit every once in awhile. I like modern/future much better. I was looking through the core book for Mage and World of Darkness and kinda thought about doing a quick game with that. May take a bit of writing though. It would be sweet to get some other games besides D&D running. Maybe I’m just a D&D hater which could be true. I should snag that Rifts book and look at that… I was checking out some of the Gencon stuff by the guys at Fear the Boot and I totally wanna nab some Battletech books and give that a try. Looks really numbery and a good time. I also watched the interview with Catalyst for their new game Eclipse Phase. Sounds epic may look at that. Suppose I should get around to some work.

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Aug 062009

So, I was reading one of my gadget blogs and saw that today is the 64th anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Japan. I find modern warfare very interesting and this event, as terrible as it was, shaped the world and out view of war forever. I was sort of the dawn of a new era of weapons that could potentially destroy the entire human race. After that day the fear of nuclear warfare became a very real threat to mankind.

I always thought of WWII as the first “modern war”, as many other have, but never really placed this event as part of that description. I usually attributed it to the heavy use of aircraft, urban combat, the first focused attack on civilian targets, and a war against genocide. But, atomic weapons have been the focus of wars and political debate for decades since. Iraq was almost completely about these types of weapons, the Cold War revolved around nuclear stockpiling and strategic missile placement, and current situations with North Korea have to do with nuclear technology as well. WWII pretty much summarized every topic for modern warfare but it defiantly was not “the war to end all wars’ it was very much the beginning of an era.

I guess I would like to end my thoughts in a few ways. First, I would like to thank the scientists who developed this. Even though it is a terrible force good has come out of it, with nuclear power to start with, and I hope they had the best intentions for it’s creation. Second, my prays go out to the 70,000 people who were killed instantly in the blast and the many many more who died because of it and the lives of people who were affected. As an American I feel some responsibility for people who died on either side for the defense of my freedom. Even though I do not condemn the decision that was made to use this technology I am sorry it had to come down to such a decision. Maybe someday we will not have to have such devices. Last, my respect and support for the people who have to make this and other decisions like this. Our administrators and soldiers have a huge burden to carry for protecting out country. I am sure the moral burden weighs heavy on them. I am thankful for everyone who has defended my freedom in the past and pray for their safety and good judgment in the future. Hopefully a decision like the one made on August 6th, 1945 never has to be made again.

“Nuclear Attack” – Sabaton
“Purple Heart” – Sabaton

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Aug 022009

Wow I never thought I would actually get tired on a midnight. I must be getting old. Lucky for me I pick up some weekday midnights soon *arm pump* which will be sweet. I would rather pick up more midnights so I don’t have to do all those afternoons.
So I totally drank a bottle of Sprite tonight and it made me feel like crap. How does it do that? Usually I drink it when I am sick to feel better. Seems sort of backwards. Maybe it was so epically fizzy that it was too much. I usually dig having a Sprite because I never have it…. Man I could go for a Fresca. I dig Fresca.
My spelling is terrible when I don’t edit things, like this. I switch letter all the time or just leave them out. I’m sure spelling nazi’s would hate me. My English major brother would go batshit over my grammar and spelling. Oh well. All works out for me. If you can’t figure it out then… well….. something I guess. I hope I can survive the night… So… sleepy… I’ll just do some laps around the room and I’ll be good lol.

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Jul 282009

So, threw together a blog for rambling when I’m working midnights. My mind tends to wander and I enjoy putting stuff on paper… well not really paper I guess, but you get what I mean. Sort of like bloggy paper. I’ll go with that.

Now to the somewhat funny thing. So, I made this to type when I was working midnights, and if you look at the time stamp you will notice it is not very late. My first entry is actually done on an afternoon. I can live with that I guess. I suppose I could go do actual work, but that would kinda suck. I think I will just sit here eating clam chowder and reading Dune until someone forces me to get off my ass. I have a ton left in Dune, about 2/3 left. Everyone says it’s the greatest thing since anything, but I dunno. It’s good so far, I would probably even say great, but I don’t know about iconic. Well, I guess it is that too. Maybe I would place it somewhere between good and great. But, according to Tim yesterday I hate stuff just for the sake of hating it and I can’t ever be open minded. Oh well, I suppose I’ll read some more.

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