Apr 182010

So, I pretty much have the best GF ever. She already bought me my b-day present. Tickets to see Rush! I am beyond stoked for this. She is a sweetheart.

Finally wrote the last little bit for the Space game one shot. I just need to make characters now and I will be good to go. I suck at writing games lately. Things just aren’t coming together as well as I would like. I think it mostly has to do with my brain not working. Oh well.

I started playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 recently with my roommate. It’s a pretty dang fun game. I think I like it better than COD:MW2 for multiplayer at least. I am having a tougher time with it I think. I’m sure I just need time to figure it out.

Well out airsoft project is officially under way. We built our first building today. Well it is actually 4 walls screwed together, but it is a start. It went pretty quick once we figured things out. We plan on possibly building another one this week after touching up the one we just made. It needs a few more screws and some bracing just for good measure. It is surprisingly sturdy as we have it built right now, but a little more won’t hurt. I would rather play it safe and not have a wall fall on me. I am pretty excited about that in any case. We hope to get two more buildings up soon and it looks like we can do that.

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Apr 042010

I feel a bazillion times better tonight. Saturdays are just way too long, even with naps. Maybe I will be productive tonight…. lol.

I managed to snag an old computer from work. It has no HDD or RAM, but I have that laying about. Unfortunately my problem is that I have no idea what to do with it. Before I had too many ideas and not enough computers. Now it is the opposite. I have two computers just sitting there empty, and one more that should be decommissioned, but comes in handy every now and then. Right now I am running a “domain server” for lack of a better term and a file/torrent server. My main computer is a Win 7 machine, and I have an old XP machine running next to me for general web surfingness and other such things. I had a machine for testing Linux stuff on but it was rarely used and the HDD was failing so I pulled it apart. I have contemplated a media server of some kind, but I don’t think that would get a lot of use. I only watch Netflix and Hulu on the internet and those don’t stream over a media server. We download videos so infrequently that it really isn’t worth it. We could just sync up our PCs to the Xbox and do it that way also. I am at a loss and it makes me sad. I suppose I could just make a Linux machine and put it on my KVM. Time will tell I guess.

I have fallen in love with <a href=”http://www.gog.com”>GoG.com</a>. Basically it sells old games, optimized for new computers, and DRM free. It picked up Might and Magic 1-6 and am having a blast. I have been playing through 4/5 and it brings back some good memories. I may have to fire up 3 and see how far I can get through that from memory lol. I also notice they had both Blake Stone games which I really loved back in the day. I may have to get one of those next.

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Mar 202010

Holy crap am I tired. I must be getting old or some lame shit like that.

We did some airsoft today and I got smoked pretty dang hard. It was still fun, but I need to take a look at my gun and make some adjustments. It seems to be firing bad. Plus, I did some really dumb stuff that got me hit. I’ll have to talk to Tuck and see what we can do.

I have been reading “The Legend of the Jade Phoenix” trilogy. They are three books from the Battletech universe, and holy hell are they good. I have enjoyed the heck out of them. The back story and different cultures are well defined. It makes me want to play some Battletech.

Actually me and John started playing Mecwarrior 4 Mercs again. MW5 needs to come out about yesterday. I am really looking forward to that game. MW4 was tons of fun and I could use an updated game.

I should be getting my HP Touchsmart Notebook on Tuesday. I will throw up some thoughts about that when I get a chance to feel it up a bit. Apparently Sprint is getting the Android 2.1 update out to my HTC Hero fairly soon. Looking forward to that quite a bit.

I am sort of scatterbrainy right now. Maybe something with content will come out in the future.

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Feb 282010

Wow writing here has completely slipped my mind. I feel like nothing has been done this week. I have a few projects I need to get done and a few games to prepare for.

My parents gave me their old laptop to get some data off. It is running windows ME and it hurts my soul. I am hoping it will be relatively simple. I finally have all the cables to hook it up to the network. I hate those adapters for the card slots. It’s hard to believe that a phone jack was more important than an Ethernet jack. Modems suck… a lot.

A also have been trying to get the IDE/SATA converter working on an old computer. It is not recognizing the HDD and I don’t know what is going on with it. I haven’t had much time to mess with it though. My computer area is getting pretty cluttered. I need to get some more power strips. That whole area need to be shuffled around. I will have to spend some time with those computers.

I picked up Oblivion the other day. I forgot how much I enjoy games like that. I have been playing it pretty heavily. I’m sure in the next week I will have the editor up and running and be doing something with that. I have a problem with making half finished projects with games. I think I have only finished two things and both of those were pretty small. I should do some scripting. It would be good to get a feel for basic programming. Maybe if I learned how to do it I would enjoy it…. probably not.

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Jan 172010

As I stated earlier I pre-ordered a copy of Star Trek Online and got a beta key with that. I have played for a few days and have been asked by some of my roommates and friends what I think about it. I haven’t been able to give a good answer to it yet. I guess this will be my attempt at that.

As far as an MMO goes this game lacks that feeling quite a bit in my opinion. I admit that I am not a “go out and group” kind of person in these games though. I much prefer to do my own thing and group only when asked. The automatic instancing for some missions is really handy. It makes group missions much easier without standing somewhere shouting “LFG” for an hour.  I see this being a problem for early zones as the game ages. Sort of the same problem with WoW and finding low level instance groups.

The missions are pretty basic. You can’t go too crazy with games like this I guess. Most missions are “Kill X enemies/squadrons” or  “Go to X objects”. There are quests that chain themselves through a series of alternating space and ground missions, which is pretty cool. I think that pulls things together and makes the story flow much better. There are some daily quests which you have to do 3 team missions that involve a large group of players. It is fun to destroy things in large groups, but doing those quests over and over again is kinda repetitive. Considering the team missions are killing 8 squadrons of enemies. Basically it is killing 24 squads with a 5 minute forced break in between.

Combat is interesting at least. My one grip is that space combat is a little slow. As you advance they give you enough buttons to push (I am still pretty low so this may get better), but positioning and movement are very slow. You have shields on each side of your ship and once those are gone attack damage your ship’s structure. Turning to soak attack with shields that are not depleted is a good tactic, but is can take ages (or so it seems) to turn to switch which shield they are hitting. Weapon placement on your ship is a fun thing in my mind. You have front and rear weapon placements. I can have 2 front and one rear right now. Each weapon has a firing arc. So if I am broad side I can hit with my front and rear weapons at the same time. Depending on how your firing arcs are set up you can create different combination of weapons for different tactics.

Ground combat has me undecided right now. I really like it. I think it is cool to run around on the ground blasting stuff. Your away team is really helpful and has good support. You have decent control over then and they are not overly retarded. However, it often seems waaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy. I have little regard for my safety and don’t notice it at all. My team keeps my shields and health up so I can punch in faces all day with little strategy. I get 4 away team members right now and unless it gets harder they should drop one of them in my opinion. Maybe I get five… can’t remember. The combat system is simple as of now. Your weapon has two attacks, plus you get a melee attack. You get another ability based on what “kit” you are wearing.  Certain types of attacks have a chance to make your enemy vulnerable to another type. Pretty basic.

Now my list of random pros. First, it looks really sweet. The ships and great is awesome looking. Second, character creation is very detailed. Think Oblivion/Fallout 3 slider style customization, but you can understand it. They also have a biography box and the option to enter a first, middle, and last name. It is nice to see RP is at least considered. The environments are all really accepting of RP. Last, it is not overly complex. This is a strange one, but I tried Eve Online and that was so confusing that it was no fun. This game is simple at the start and keeps offering more as you learn.

Here are my cons. First, The game needs lots of polish. I will elaborate after this, but it is rough. Second, missions, tooltips, and other things can be rather vague or unclear. A lot of the time I have no idea where to go for a mission. That needs to be addressed. Last, scaling difficulty seems a bit wonky. Some parts are ball crushingly hard and others are way way too easy. I have been sticking to a pretty linear path for questions. Maybe this is just me though.

Now about the polish comment. I know this is a beta but there are some really really hefty bugs out there right now. Sometimes on ground missions your team won’t show up or you spawn as your ship. If you are alone you will get destroyed. The servers are relatively unstable. It is good they caught it now so it can be worked out. I think more people are playing than they expected for the beta. There are some features that could be really really cool if they expanded them. You can access the bridge of your ship and walk around but that is the only place. I heard they are going to open up the ship more so you can walk around it and explore. I hope this happens and they allow you to bring friends on board. That would make the game a pile of fun. I also hope they offer the ability to beam down to Earth. That would just be a nifty feature, but not a game breaker.

think once release comes and things are ironed out it will be a pretty good game. These are just my opininos and take them for what they are worth. I’m sure I will have more to say as I play the beta more and once it is released. I hope it does well, but I don’t see it ever getting as popular as something like WoW.

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Jan 152010

That damn laptop won. I was working on getting the drivers for the wireless card, but the adapter for the ethernet card decided to physically break on me. So I tore the damn thing down. Eventually I will put it back together in some way and do something with it. I really don’t know what though. I just need to get a frame for the screen. hehe.

At least with that somewhat out of the way I can start on my next project of setting up that little god awful print server. If it helps me get old computer parts out of my house it must be a good thing. I hope I won’t pull my hair out too much. I suppose if I do I tend to learn a lot more… damn…

I have done almost nothing with virtualization. I have decided to experiment a little bit with it for desktop environments. I like keeping things seperate on my systems. I will probably we running some business stuff and I don’t know if I want to do it all with Google docs and such. I kinda like having a desktop and complete offline access. I figure if I create a virtual machine on a shared drive I can access my “business desktop” from any one of my computers when needed and still keep the system “away” from my personal systems. I’ll see how it works and decide from there. Otherwise this could be a great excuse to buy another netbook.

Started playing the Star Trek Online beta. I like it so far. I will throw out some more solid thoughts later.

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Jan 102010

Just finished the second to last (I think) episode of Dollhouse… HOLY SHIT FUCK! I don’t even know what to say. It was crazy as hell and explains almost every question I had from Epitaph back in first season. Things usually don’t seem to surprise me for some reason in TV and movies, but this really got me. Actually a few things did. The end should be totally epic. I’ll need to pick up both seasons on DVD when it’s all done.

Lots of stuff happening with gaming. John started running a game and plans on continuing it for at least a few sessions. He also is planning another one for the future which is sweet. Tuck is working up his Earthdawn game which I am looking forward to. I have the current Shadowrun game going and a Serenity game that we started. I also have been putting some time into the space game I am setting up. I managed to find someone to do some art for it to help get pictures in peoples’ minds. A big thanks to them for that. I have a good chunk of work ahead of me, but with the current games and the games other people are planning I should have the time for it. I am going to plan for SR heavy this weekend and probably take the next week off. If I get a solid two sessions planned up I should be good for the break. I have two or three weeks to tie up one storyline before one player moves away. Tim will be leaving sometime this month to live in another part of the state with his new wife. We talked and he wanted to be around to finish up some of the story. I wish him the best in his new life. We may even get some posts on Throw out the Dice about him finding a new group.

I preordered Star Trek Online and snagged a beta key for it. I’m looking forward to trying it out when the servers come up on the 12th. Seems pretty slick, but I can’t say until I play it. I’ll just have to stick with Runescape until then. I suppose I have lots of work to do for Shadowrun on Monday. Best get to it.

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Dec 282009

I never thought I would but I have been really looking at upgrades for my airsoft gun like crazy. After my brother got a M203 and some nice red dot sights and agreed to sell them to me I have been going crazy. I ordered a whole new vest setup and will be getting more parts for it when Tactical Tailor responds to my questions. I probably won’t be able to play for a few more months so now is a good time to get geared up I figure. Once I get all of my mods done (well I buy the parts my brother does it) I’ll post some sexy pictures of the finished product. I’m pretty stoked for it.

I am still messing with that damn old ass Sony Vaio or whatever the hell it is. I can’t seem to get the system to load properly. I am thinking GRUB is not installing right. I’ll try reinstalling that over my three days off. That little thing is a bastard. I have a copy of Ubuntu Warty I think I could just load on there. I don’t know if I can update to Karmic from there though. I should just try to reinstall the command line system. Once I get that fired up I should be able to get the Xubuntu desktop with apt. I have done that before so it doesn’t scare me.

My parents need a print server and being the cheap bastard that I am I have decided to try and turn one of my old ass junk computers into an print server. I have a feeling that this will not work well, but that won’t stop me. It seems I have to fail to learn. Eventually I will break down and buy one of those tiny commercial print servers. I should finish one project at a time though first. Laptop then print server. Too much shit laying around as it is.

Been playing Runescape like a beast. I finished the quest Underground Pass last night which opens up a big time quest as soon as I get a couple more skill points. Should be ready for it in a couple days. I’m pretty excited for it. I won’t be a total noob anymore.

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Dec 212009

Whew I must be getting old because it is getting harder to stay up late. I never though midnights would drag me down like this.

Watched two more episodes of Dollhouse and it is really getting sad that they canceled that show. The plot is getting really cool and stuff is really happening. One of the episodes was really creepy. For some reason it reminded me of the episode from Angel season 5 where the crazy ghost guy is after Spike. Freaky shit in my opinion. I think there are only two episodes left to go. Looking forward to the last one it should be epic.

Runescape is my game now it seems. I have been playing pretty hard core lately and managed to advance quite a bit in my short time playing. I never though I would enjoy that game as much as I do now. I’m hoping to make more progress over the next few weeks. It is the perfect game for work because it requires little attention and I can get stuff done while playing it. Plus it runs good on the netbook.

A friend of mine recently gave me a ooooooooooooooooooold (windows 95 era) Sony Vaio notebook. Well, it’s bigger than a notebook. I was hoping to put Ubuntu on it, but I don’t think the versions of Linux I have will run on that processor. It is something like a 240 Mhz Pentium. I may just have to clean up the XP install on it and then turn it into a wall hanging. At least it’s no loss if I break it. It’s outdated and I got it for free.

Writing for Shadowrun is getting tough right now. I have been planning the arcs and know the story, but I almost feel there need to be a few more stepping stones thrown in before the next part of the story comes up. Maybe I am just over thinking it. I like how things have gone so far. The group is looking good, and they are finding their roles very well. Individual skills and personalities are really coming out and being used. I think encouraging a bit more player interaction would be good though. There will be situations for that soon. I have really been turning the final encounter over in my head a lot. I have been planning it for some time, but I don’t want the whole event to be too complex, yet I want it to be a challenge and give everyone an opportunity to use their skills. I’ll keep working on it for now. There is a bit of time before this goes down. I also don’t know which direction they will go first. Either way works I guess.

I’ll polish up a few things when I get breakfast after work. I am craving McD’s breakfast burritos something fierce. mmmmm nummy.

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Dec 132009

I have recently started playing Runescape again, to feed my video game addiction. I don’t remember enjoying it this much. I played pretty heavy for about 3 years and then left it for WoW. There is something about its simplicity that makes it inviting, but still allows very complex actions and goals. I was talking with my brother about the game recently and I never realized howmany complex events/quests/monsters there were in the game. I have been playing pretty heavy and hope to gain a small amount of ground on him. (I hope he reads this and chuckles.)

On my way to work today I popped in “Exit Stage Right”, a live CD by Rush, into my player and something jumped out at me. I know I have said this before as well. I really think Alex Lifeson doesn’t get enough credit. He is so often overshadowed by Geddy Lee and Neil Peart that nothing gets said about him. I am not saying Lee and Peart are bad musicians, I would have to be completely insane or retarded to say that.  I just think Lifeson is better than most people give him credit for. The styles he uses are so flowing and melodic that they really stick in my head. I still love the solo of his on “Limelight”. It has a haunting sound to it that really gives the song a strange feeling of loneliness. I guess it really jumped out today for me.

Have two episodes of Dollhouse to watch.  I’m looking forward to it. The show really picked up… after the canceled it. Oh well I can enjoy the remainder of it.

EDIT: Forgot a title. Still getting used to WordPress

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