Sep 062009

Man, August was completely soul destroying at work. Everything seemed to go wrong along with it being busy as heck. I hope it slows down so I can work a normal week.
Shadowrun game starts in one week. I am way too excited. It’s like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. I have been looking forward to this for a long long time. Apparently things get done if you get your shit together and work at it. Gonna be a good group of people and hopefully I can deliver on my end. I haven’t ran a game since College probably. I’m thinking 2 years almost. Maybe I’m wrong, but nothing serious since then. I have a ton of ideas for short games and one-shots, but I am focusing all of my energy on Shadowrun for now. Man, I’m stoaked.

So, I listen to lots of music and have an iPhone. Naturally I would use the virus, I mean media player, iTunes. Well, I recently came across a media player called Songbird that is made by the Mozilla team. As you can tell this contains all the necessary ingredients for something to be awesome. Unfortunately, I does not yet support two things I use, iPhone syncing and Simplify Media. Now, I covered the iPhone with a wonderful application called SharePod, which is a great application so check it out and toss the guy a buck. The only thing keeping me hooked into the disgustingness that is iTunes is Simplify Media, which I love. That is how I get all my music on my netbook and I only keep songs I really listen to lots on my iPhone. I don’t know where this is going, but someone please please please write a add on for Simplify Media for Songbird. I will love you forever.

I don’t know what Apple did, but they fucked the iPhone over somewhat. It is a wonderful piece of hardware even with it’s faults. Unfortunately, it is one of the douchiest cell networks, pretty much requires a terrible piece of software, and has a really shifty app store. It’s like sticking a diamond in a pile of crap. You probably will go after it, but obviously get covered in shit in the process. Maybe I’m just really picky, and I will admit I love programs that have add ins and are extensible. That’s just how I roll. I suppose that is why I use Firefox, Thunderbird, and Songbird. I guess that makes me a fan boy, eh?

Listening to:
“Silence” by Blindside
“Sons of a New Millennium” by Majesty

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