Feb 022010

Tonight I have been fixing up all the stuff attached to the fridgewire domain. I have done some cleanup and updates on the blog and forums. I am trying to make it so people using the blog and log in with their blogger accounts to leave comments, but the plugin I picked up is not working it seems. I’ll have to keep working on that.

The forum seems to be working and ready to go. I would like to find a purpose for it in the near future, but I don’t know what as of yet. I have offered to let Throw out the Dice use it for discussion, but haven’t really pursued that. I also figure I could just use it for the gaming group, but we are all so close it doesn’t make much sense. I would really like for a forum for Throw Out the Dice. We have a few people not form the area and I would really like to get some discussions started up with them. I learned from writing on that blog that even though I am giving advice in a sense, I really have a lot to learn and sharing with others is really helpful to me. I may bring that up to Tim again since he is now far away and it would connect him to us a little better.

I am continuing with the writing for the space game. I am focusing on the one shot adventure right now. I want to run that and see if the system works with the alterations and to see if the world meshes and feels alright. It is not anything ground breaking so I think it should all work out fine. I am also hoping my artist is going to stick with me. They have gotten busy with real life and I haven’t been in very good contact. I have faith they will deliver. If things turn out well I may toss a few pieces of art up here (if they are ok with that). We shall see in the long run.

I should bounce the idea of a wiki for the space game off my group again. I would like to give them a place they can find information without consulting me too much. That was one issue when doing things in Saratta. Tim was the only person who knew what was going on in that world so I had to consult with him on many things. I took more liberties than most people also. I am sure others needed more info from him. I would like to avoid some of that in the future with world information already out there. I’ll have to run it by a few people and see if they would use it. I am really the only person who uses internet solutions for anything. I may be able to force them to use it in some ways. I guess time will tell.

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