Mar 062014

I have been brainstorming what game I plan on running next and have a lot on my mind. So many settings and stories I want to visit. I decided I want to do a heavily story based game, as opposed to my normal sandboxy, loose story game. I managed to narrow down the top three on my mind and created pitches for each one. I am solely focusing on the story of the game and I actually am still up in the air to the exact setting or system for them. I am really focusing on telling a story so I want to get opinions solely on that.

My players! Please choose 1, 2, 3, or none. Toss me and email or comment on the G+ post with your choice. I would like a quick reason why you choose the one you did and what you would like to see. If you choose none then defiantly include this. I want some feedback on these ideas so I can hopefully run a sweet game.

1. In a feudalistic world a soldier claiming to have divine favor rises up to help reclaim power for the nation. But, as their popularity grows how will the ruling powers both inside and outside the nation react? The players will be soldiers in the military of the nation and may be forced to choose sides.

2. In a world that previously knew nothing but peace, war has broken out which turns the once peaceful land into a dystopian terror for all sides. The players will be resistance fighters caught in the middle who need to choose a side or bring both down.

3. A peaceful and advanced society experiences a strange murder. It soon becomes apparent that something more sinister than a simple murder is happening. The players play law enforcement investigators that need to uncover why this murder happened and bring the criminal to justice.

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