May 222010

I finally started it today. The one shot for the space game is going. It appears it will take two sessions, but I am alright with that. It is nice to get a good look at things in action. I get to take a look at things that need much more polish and what is missing. I have got a list of things that I will be filling in. It’s a little clunky starting off. I need to get a nice cheat sheet for the cortex system. I am using my Serenity GM screen as one, but a few things are different and need reworking. The one nice thing is that people are handling the military style very well. That may change if there is a great deal of conflict in the future, but for now I am happy with it.

I’ll have some more up after we play the next session. I will probably ask a few questions on the forums too about it if you follow stuff on there.

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