Jan 012010

First off, I am looking for a few people for various things.

We are trying to fill a couple spots in our gaming group. We play at 6pm to 10pmish on Saturdays and Mondays. You don’t need to go to both days. If you want to check it out let me know. We usually play Shadowrun, Serenity, D&D, and will be starting a bunch of new systems including Earthdawn, d20 modern/future and various others. If you are new to gaming or haven’t done it in awhile that is fine. We are more than willing to teach others and help get people into the hobby. Just get in touch with me through email/twitter/facebook/comments/etc.

Also, I am looking for an artist to help me out. I don’t care what style or anything I just have zero artistic ability and am looking for someone who has ability to help me create some game material visually. I can’t pay you anything, but if you can come chill with me at my place I’ll share some beer with you. Also if you have an online presence I will pimp your shit the best I can. I do lots of different stuff from fantasy/medieval to modern to sci-fi. I would guess a good portion would be objects and scenes, maybe some character drawing. Anything I can get basically. Interested at all reach me through the same methods as above.

If you have any friends that would fit either of those categories let me know. Thanks.


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  1. Annaleah wants to play, but doesn’t reckon she can make the weekly trips. /cries

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