Nov 222010

Wow it has been some time since posting. I got the yearning a few days ago and finally decided to make another post for fun. Things have been busy, mostly me trying to keep myself busy with projects and stuff. Got some of the programming off the ground and am taking it very very slowly so I don’t rupture my brain. Maybe someday I will finish it.

Pick up a cheap server tower and have converted that into the server for my house. It a Dell PowerEdge T110 that I got for cheap. Right now it is running Ubuntu Server(64) 10.10 with Virtualbox running more servers that are the main controllers. Right now I only have one running DNS and DHCP for the house, but more will come soon. I’m kinda experimenting with virtualizing as much as I can. I tried using KVW, which Ubuntu has built in, but I ran into troubles with network devices. I couldn’t get KVM to share one network device with the host and all the VMs. I know that would be a major choke point, but my traffic is pretty low as it is. I’ll mess with stuff more and see where things go. I’m going to try to get my domain pointed to my hardware still. Made progress but still far off.

Got some new airsoft goodies also. I’ll probably talk about those and throw up some pictures when we do our winter game. Should be a blast.

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