Jan 242010

I finally saw Avatar in 3D a few days ago and thought I would share my thoughts on it.  Pretty much every review of it is right on the money. The plot is Dances with Wolves/ Pocahontas/ and a good dash of Ferngully. It is pretty transparent and predictable. I’m not saying it is terrible, it’s just nothing new. I don’t think the point of the movie was the story though, or at least I hope not. I was hoping for something a little more anthropological, but this is Ferngully with big blue furries and not a movie adaptation of Speaker for the Dead. If you read anywhere that the CG for this movie was good they are wrong. It was not good, it was FUCKING AMAZING! The CG all looked real. The scenes of the forest were amazing and detailed. I can’t describe it. Go see it just for that if nothing else. The 3D was something new for me. I always found 3D lame and hokey. This also changed my perception of that. It blended so well that it actually added to the feel of the movie. It gave the world a great deal of depth and a sense of space. There were only a few times that things were annoying. If a person was off the side of the screen they seemed blurry and distracting. That only happened a couple times though and I will forgive. I was sitting on the edge of the theater also so that may be caused the problem. I also found out those glasses really strain my eyes.

So my love for Google has increased. I found templates for Google Docs spreadsheets for SR and D&D character sheets. I’ll probably we using these more and more. I like using technology with my gaming stuff. I’ll probably start laptop GMing once I get a new desktop. I can get it streamlined for use while gaming. Maybe he multiple work spaces that Ubuntu has will be handy for that. I’ll have to see what types of apps I can get for Linux. I suppose I could just toss a virtual windows machine on there with Virtualbox. In any case I am looking forward to trying it out.

Me and Dan checked out some guns at the local sporting good store. I have been planning on buying a pocket pistol and narrowed my choices down to a Ruger LCP and the Micro Eagle. I’m thinking about picking up the LCP. It is a nice gun and pretty much everything I want. We also checked out some ARs. One had an Eotech holosight. I am completely in love with it. It works so slick and is nice as heck. I’m hoping for a good tax return this year….

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  1. Google, Ubuntu, Guns, D&D?

    How is it we are only now getting acquainted? We should have been friends long long ago…possibly in a galaxy far far away…

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