Oct 202009

So I thought I was getting better, but alas the viruses heard me and I got worse the next day. Hopefully I am recovering now. A quick thanks to everyone on Monday for dealing with me. The Shadowrun game was short and pretty lame due to my illness so I didn’t get a chance to prepare and was exhausted/stoned out of my brain from cold meds.

I have been playing GTA4 for some time now on PC. I played it on X-Box for awhile, but then one of my room mates douchey friends had it stolen when he borrowed it from us. So, I never got to finish it there. In any case I am playing again and holy hell it that game sweet. Anyone who does not thing video games are a legitimate form of adult entertainment (not that adult entertainment you perv), needs to play this game (and Bioshock, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and many others). This game really has a cool story, memorable characters, and hits some really solid social topics. The discussions about the American dream, moral standards, and living in a tough word really make the characters seem like real people. You can relate to most of them in some way. Even the main character, who seems like a total hard ass killer, has goals and desires that we can relate too. I know that game-play-wise the hanging out with friends thing got annoying, but I eventually enjoyed doing things with them because they would share their views on life, their family, their job, or anything else that was normally mundane. There are some incidents in the game where you need to pick between two characters and kill one of them. I found myself looking through the cross hairs at both of them not able to decide for a long time. I found myself thinking “If I pick this guy he can help me get by better possibly, but he is a douche. The other guy is nice to me, but has little to offer in the way of my survival.” I was essentially RPing the main character without knowing it. If any of you out there are scoffing at the RP you probably wanna go read another blog and possibly go fuck yourself. If you can relate then you can understand how this game can pull you in. I really enjoy games like that. I think that is because I am a role-player. Just some observations.

I was looking at the Nook today and I want one. Ever since I heard about ebook readers I have wanted one that will take my PDFs and let me read them. This would be super handy for gaming, or writing games away from all my books. I do lots of my game writing on my netbook and it’s tough to flip between my word processing and the multiple PDFs I have home. Those little things aren’t meant to take that kind of load. I gotta do some more research, but if this has what I want I may pick that thing up. It looks tasty too. If B&N set up something to give you a free or reduced PDF copy of a book if you owned it that would be some epic shit. Hell if they gave like 25% off if you brought the book in that would make it worth it for me. Maybe I’ll pick one up when they come out. I may have to go put my hands on the Nook at their stores.

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  1. You should talk about games like, oh lets say, Sims 2. 😛 Then maybe I'd understand your crazy game lingo language. 🙂

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