Sep 102009

Man this stuff scares the crop out of me. This technology is super epic and can be used in so many fields it’s mind boggling, but serisouly why call it HAL and why name your company Cyberdyne. Now, even with these ominous signs to the coming robot apocalypse I would totally love to have one of these. I mean just look at it!I would love an exoskeleton kinda thing, or power armor. Man I dig power armor. I would do terrible thing to get power armor…. well, ok maybe not. I still want some though.

I am way to excited about shadowrun on Monday. I am giddy some may say. I hope everything goes well and everyone isn’t retarded(including myself). I will probably be talking about it like crazy on here. I have about a thousand game I wanna run/play/build right now, but I have been completely focused on Shadowrun. That is kinda insane for me. The D&D game is getting close to wrapping up also. Probably one of my favorite games I ever played, second maybe to the 2nd ed. Ravenloft game I played few years ago. Awesome characters and role play, tons of world development, and just fun. I am not a big fan of D&D, actually I despise most things about it, but this game has been epic. Props to the DM on this one. I’ve played with him when he first started and since for…. man it must be close to 12 years? We both have come a long way.

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If you have played Shadowrun, you know it’s true.

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  1. Old post, but thought I would just suggest Rockbox. Freeware firmware that you can get rid of Apple’s crappy setup.

    As an aside to a later one, the first thing I download on a new computer or after a format is always CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack). It should have mp3, as well as wma, mp4, ogg, and whatever else you need.

  2. Meant that last comment for the previous entry, got a little confused from the layout.

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