Oct 312009

So I get to work an extra hour because of DST. I’m sure more third shifters out there feel my pain. At least we get the our off later in the year (maybe).

Borderlands is pretty damn sweet. Me and Dan have been rocking it pretty hard and I love it. Also rolling with Windows 7 on my main computer and I love it. Much better than Vista in my opinion. Lots of little things that make it great. I actually seems like Microsoft listened to users. I’m a fan so far. Also updated my Ubuntu distro to “Karmic Koala” or 9.10 for all you people you are not into naming your OS after animals. Haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. I should use Linux more.

Ran a Shadowrun game today for fun. Had everyone roll up gang characters who really can’t do shit. Everyone seemed to have fun and had a good bar fight. I kinda used the game to try some different stuff. Going to keep it open as a filler game. Even though the game went really well I’m starting to feel a disconnect somewhere with gaming as a whole. I’m not quitting or anything it’s just that something doesn’t seem right. I had a long conversation with a friend about some things a few days ago and it kind of showed me how I relate to game worlds and characters. I think I am missing a beat with my normal game group somewhere. I know I have always been the kind of person who could go through the whole game without rolling dice, and most of the other are not of that mindset. I need to pull my brain back in somehow I just don’t know how. I should be easy on them considering I have been playing for years and most of them have just started (basically) and some are in the “dungeon crawl phase” of gaming. It just seems like there is more of a focus on “The guy = exp” and not on building a story with characters that have goals and feelings. I will admit some of the interactions are great. In my SR game the characters meet frequently at a restaurant chain called “The Hearthstone” (think Perkins) to chat about missions and everything else. I can imagine them there drinking coffee and talking the whole time. For some reason that is one of my favorite things. I like watching the characters build friendships or rivalries. In the previous game the whole purpose for us to continue our adventure was to save one of our friends who we actually cared about. Even though the real threat was essentially the end of the world we didn’t give a shit about that. We wanted out friend back. I’m not saying the SR should be completely like that and the world is a little darker. I just think a human aspect is missing from it. Maybe it’s all in my brain, but I suppose I should practice what I preach and do some talking to see where I sit and they sit. I don’t think people should change, but knowing where they sit will help me accommodate them in my play. Perceptions need to at least be somewhat in line or there can be issues. I just need to check all the perceptions. Wow that was a rambling mess.

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