May 162010

I am really lucky because I have the time to game twice a week. We started out gaming on Saturdays with an old roommate of mine and then I started running a Shadowrun game on Mondays. When he moved away we just kept doing Saturday gaming with me or someone else running a game. I also play airsoft on Saturdays and this can lead to some rather crappy gaming sessions because I am so freaking tired. The group of us that plays airsoft decided to not really use this as a normal gaming day and use it for quick games, one shots, and experiments.

Me and my brother talked about some ideas and there we some really cool ideas. He seems to like creating an immersive atmosphere and has some really good ideas for that. I have a few things I would like to try that I don’t want to commit to a full game. I think quite a few of our experiments deal with running horror games. That will be interesting becauseĀ  neither of us have ever ran anything like horror, except that Ravenloft module, but that doesn’t count. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future. For now I need to get characters written for the Space game one shot and hope everything works out.

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