Apr 112010

I have been messing with the new beta for Ubuntu 10.4 or “Lucid Lynx” and it is so affectionately termed. So far it is looking pretty shiny. I guess the most noticeable change is the open/close/minimize buttons have been moved to the left side of the window in Mac fashion. I re-skinned it so my poor little Windows addled brain can handle it. They changed a few default programs which is not surprising I guess. Things seem pretty solid so far, but many packages are missing/incomplete because of the beta status. I had a bitch of a time installing virtualbox. I think one of my packages messed up and I just need to reinstall it for some reason. I can’t expect full function right now I guess, although it should be dropping pretty soon so I hope everything in in by then for my upgrades. This is supposed to be the new LTR so I will probably keep with it. My main server, which is only running DHCP right now, is running Karmic server edition which is nice and stable right now. I need to debate whether to dist upgrade that or not when this stuff drops. If any linux users could advise me that would be great. I would like to start using linux more for my everyday stuff if I can.

I feel like I have amped up my computer work lately and feel like I have learned millions of new things in a short time. I keep trying things and I learn tons even if I fail. I think I may try and tackle an internal DNS server again. My last few attempts have met with defeat. If I can get and internal DNS up and running I may move ahead and get that static IP and try hosting something myself. I will take it slow for now. I don’t want to burn out too quick. IT is taking me a bit longer using Ubuntu server to set up everything, but at least I don’t have to shell out the cash for Windows Server.

I have hit a dead end with game writing lately. For some reason my brain is just not giving me anything. I can’t get motivated, and even when I am I can’t get any ideas to some out. I feel really crappy about the whole thing and hate letting my players down with crappy games. Maybe with our moving to one day a week I can sit out a few weeks to rest my head. Even though I have been running things pretty slim it still feels like somewhat of an overload. I may get too ambitious sometimes which may cause problems.

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