Dec 252009

Working on Christmas is kind of nice. It’s a slow easy and and no one expects much from you because you are working on a holiday.  I just hope I won’t have to do a double or more with the damn blizzard going on. I guess it’s extra cash if I get stuck with it.

Visited my parents today and something really clicked in my head. About a year or so ago my dad quit his (really well paying) job to work at his church for about what I make (about 1/3 what he used to make). He hated his old job and loves the new one. He coordinates volunteer services for the church and leads studies and such. My mother got a job at a group home , and she loves her job and the clients she works with. Now, my questions is were did I go wrong? I get no joy from helping people. I don’t care much about other peoples misfortune and prefer to ignore them or avoid them. I know this is a typical attitude, but you think I would have picked it up somewhere. It bothers me somewhat now. I doubt I will change, but now I am aware of this fact. I don’t even really feel bad about it. I guess we all don’t have gifts like that. I’m glad they are doing it so I don’t have to.

Nothing else to say. Bored as hell right now and I could use a nap. May be a long night.

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