Jul 192010

Got back a couple days ago from Sonshine festival in Willmar, MN. This is probably the seventh(?) year I have gone and it was a blast. The big highlight for me was seeing one of my favorite bands, Bleach, play again after they stopped six years ago. It was pretty rad. Can’t wait to hear their new album when it get released.

The O.C. Supertones also played a show after stopping 5 years ago and that was a rad show as well. Good to hear some ska again. SeeingĀ  both of these bands really made the trip for me. I listened to these guys for a long time and Bleach is pretty much the band that got me into the music I listen to now.

Got to hear some pretty big bands as well. August Burns Red was there again and was a pretty hard core show as always. They are never a let down and it was a high energy and insane show. Saw Project 86 for the first time and was pretty impressed. They had a really solid live sound. I picked up their newest CD and so far I am really digging it. Check out the video for “The Destroyer” on their site. It is a good time.

This was my first time seeing Showbread live, and their first time at Sonshine. I really enjoyed that show. They played a couple songs I didn’t expect and I was happy about that. I managed to talk to Drew after the show for a couple moments also. Really nice guy, hope they keep making some solid music and the new album works out for them. They are releasing it for free on their site when it is recorded.

I also got to see a few bands from the Midwest who are “hometown” favorites of mine. Children 18:3 has been there ever since I can remember and is always a wild show. Your Memorial played late in the night, and was super metal. Can’t wait to hear their new record. The Suit was amazing as always and we picked up their new CD. I was surprised how much vocal talent they had going on. I didn’t remember that from last year. The first show we caught was And The Greatest of These. A security guard from the previous year was the singer in that band and they sounded awesome. I hope they stick together and we can see them next year.

The only thing that sucked was we got hit by severe weather the last day. Huge wind gusts and driving rain almost toppled out camp. It got so bad and because of the threat of possible tornadoes we had to head for shelter for about half an hour until things calmed down and it was looking safe. The weather was pretty wild. All in all it was a great time and I can’t wait for next year.

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