Apr 182012

UPDATED 1-7-2013

I dug around for a long while trying to find a solution to this issue. I was able to find parts of it on various sites, but never found an explicit how to guide for setting this up. I’m sure most Linux pros know how to do this, but I am not that good and hopefully this will help other people use Linux for Citrix access.

Here is the environment I tested it on. I am running Kubuntu 11.10 12.04 LTS(note at bottom) , Citrix Receiver 12.1 beta for Linux. I am using a 24in NEC and 19in NEC monitor. I launch my VDI session from a web link ICA file.

If you need help setting up Citrix the instructions are located in the Citrix Ubuntu Documentation. I installed the reciever, USB support plugin, libmotif, and all that good stuff. You can find if you are missing any libraries by running the HDX script in the citric folder. for me that was “/opt/Citrix/ICAClient/util/hdxcheck.sh”, run the script as root to make sure it detects everything alright.

Now, Citrix is set up and should work fine normally, but getting it to span was giving me trouble. I saw on the Citrix and Ubuntu forums that adding the command line parameter “-span 1,2” would make it span properly. So, I just needed to get this to launch from a browser. I went into the folder Citrix was installed in again (/opt/Citrix/ICAClient) and edited the “wfica.sh” script located there. Basically this is a script that lanches the wfica program that launches Citrix. the last line of it is the command that launches the wfica program with the .ica file from the browser.

It should look like this:

$ICAROOT/wfica -file $1


I changed it to:

$ICAROOT/wfica -span 1,2 -file $1


Now it has the span parameter and will launch the file. Now I went into Firefox selected Edit -> Preferences, then to the Applications tab. Find “Citrix ICA settings file” in the list and change the program to launch it with to “wfica.sh”.

That should make Citrix launch with all the parameters we specified. You should be able to add any other command line parameters to this file if needed.


Something I like and wanted to fix(there is lots of documentation out there) is the middle click in VDI. By default it passes through a CTL+V and I wanted a standard middle click. You can do this by editing your ~/.ICAClient/wfclient.ini file and changing the MouseSendsControlV=True to False. Here is a link to the forum post I used.


NOTE: I upgraded to Kubuntu 12.10 and could not get it to work. The Citrix window would flash up quickly and then disappear and I ended up reinstalling 12.04 LTS. If I get a different result I will change the info here.

Another Note: I have Lubuntu 12.10 installed on a laptop I use and the Citrix Reciever works fine on that. I have not tested anything with dual monitors, but it looks like the Citrix stuff is working. I will try a fresh Kubuntu 12.10 install on my desktop and see if I can get Citrix working on that.