Jun 272011

So, I feel like I have moved into my new job alright and have a few posts planned her. We will see if anything actually comes from this.

As for the Earthdawn app I had a small hiccup with development. I was working on getting the drive I had the code and everything on backed up, but somehow I accidentally formatted over the drive. I managed to recover some stuff and at the very least my key for signing my app. It seems likely I will have to rewrite the whole thing unless I can pull the source code out of the jumbled mess of recovered files. This may be a blessing in disguise as the original write of it was a damn mess because I had no idea what I was doing at the time. I heave learned a great deal more and the app probably could do with a little cleanup. I also need to poke my artist and see if they can get me the icon and images for it.

The only thing lost was the source for the app. I recovered all the previous APKs for it so I have all previous versions of the app (That I saved APKs for at least). So all is not lost I guess. As long as I recovered the key store I should be good to go.