Feb 102014

Well it has been awhile. Pushing two years actually… The last post was my successful Linux and Citrix post I put up for my own reference and apparently others found it useful. I will probably keep that up to dateish, but it seems the same basic idea applies to each version. It is just dealing with the receiver breaking between releases.

Ran quite a few gamesĀ  over the two years. The last one I ran was very…. mediocre… I blame myself for not running it better. It was one of the first games I gave a title to. It was called “Legion” and was a biblical post-apocalyptic game set in Nebraska and surrounding states. It dealt with Angels and Demons and all that good stuff. Had some sweet moments, but nothing really held it solid. The plot was bumpy and the pacing was terrible.

I have yet to sit down and parse out the Ironclaw game, which is likely the best game I have ran up to this point. I hopefully write out some of the musings here just to decompile it and figure out what I did right. IĀ  attribute most of it to the players, as they did a knock out job with their characters and the interactions between them. I almost cried at one scene. It was great.

I have decided to take a break from running for a game or two (maybe the odd one shot module). That isn’t completely true. I am currently running a game for my co-workers I titles “The Destiny of Man” I think. I can’t remember. It is set in my sci-fi world and run in cortex. It kinda has a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Serenity vibe to it. Basically it steals a ton from all those settings. I ran one other game in that world, but I wanted to explore another aspect of the setting. So far it is a good time. My future plan for my main group is a Battletech game, which I have never ran before. I still am struggling with a plot for the game, so I need to really brainstorm and think something up. I did however start outlining a one-shot for the diceless game I have been writing. It is a murder mystery/investigative style game set in the Myst world in the main D’ni city. The players will be playing members of the Guild of Maintainers (the police) and investigating some happenings in the city. I am looking forward to trying it out. This is very experimental for me as I have never ran a pure investigative game or a diceless game. I probably should have just done one or the other first off. Oh well, I like to jump in with both feet.

This felt good. I think I need to just talk at the screen every now and then to release some of this stuff in my head. I hope more is to come.