May 302010

I finally started writing the space game adventure. I really really suck at actually writing stuff out. I usually just wing it when I do things. This may end up pretty complex and it is a good thing I am writing it out. I have decided to run this as a very open ended adventure. I am basically writing two part. The setting which will include the system and what is in it, and the time line which is what has happened and what is happening in the system. I am avoiding planned encounters for the most part and going with events as they unfold. I am hoping the feel of the games comes off alright. I think most people are expecting more hack and slash than I have planned, but I am putting in a good amount, more than most of my games. I tend to prefer very little combat and much more talking and non-combat actions. I don’t have a problem with combat I just find it to be quite tedious and of very little interest. I love it when I get the opportunity to just sit back and watch the players interact among themselves or even with an NPC. I have been much more interested in that aspect with the characters I play as well. I have made characters who are technically combat characters that I still don’t like to do combat with, unless it has a really good RP element. I just tend to find combat the easy way out and not very fun in RPGs.

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