Sep 052010

I kinda have a sad dilemma going on. For a long time I have avoided anything to do with programming. I had a class in college that pretty much destroyed any desire for me to learn it at all. Now, about 4 years later I have been glancing back at it longingly, but without any knowledge or base to begin. I sort of feel it’s “too late” to do anything about it. Most of it is technically beyond me, I haven’t looked at a math formula since getting out of college, and I don’t feel I have the immense amount of time to put into learning something so complex.

The major disappointment for me is thinking about all the stuff that was explained to me so long ago and finally GETTING IT! It took years for me to finally understand what we were doing and probably was the result of actually learning the math behind it as the last class I took (good timing right). I have dabbled very slightly, but soon realize that this is all way way beyond my knowledge in every way.

Well, I guess I haven’t given up completely. I am looking for small ways to practice at all. I have done very very small amount of addon coding for WoW, but that is about it. Are they any good languages to use to get into it? Is there a good way to get into it? I know there is no quick way to learn programming, I just want a little bit of knowledge with the ability to actually write a very simple code. Well that is my sad story. Any help is appreciated.

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