Feb 202011

Holy crap… Life has been a flurry for the pas few months. I really haven’t had time to work on any of my projects. I actually decided to stop writing for Throw out the Dice and handed that over to Tim. He is still charging ahead with that even with the crazy stuff going on in his life.

I recently have been transitioning to a new position where I work and the process of applying for the job and then transitioning¬† into it has sucked a great deal of life from me. Once things settle down at work I should be able to get my mind a little straight at least. The new position has kind of destroyed my blog title in some ways. I no longer work midnight and will be a normal day person most likely. It sort of makes me sad, but I had to go with it.¬† I’ll probably keep the name of my blog and such because I really dig it.

In the midst of the job change I will be leaving on a trip to New Zealand for a couple weeks. I am hoping to really use the time to take it easy and clear my head and get a somewhat fresh start when I get back. Realistically, I probably will work harder to catch up from being gone for two weeks. In any case I can work on some things there and on the loooooong flight. Maybe I can finish another story and get that posted. We shall see…

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