Mar 152010

It seems like the last week flew by. I was busy most of the week with a trip to IKEA, which was epic, and setting up a clinic for work. The weekend seems much shorter also. I had to rush last night with DST and tonight I have extra stuff. This whole actually working thing really sucks.

Airsoft on Saturday was a no go. Everyone else was busy and the weather was crap. I finally got my new Tactical Tailor holster for my Five-Seven and it is sexy time. It fits like a dream and doesn’t mess with the slide like my other (cheaper) holsters have. I really want to get that out in the field.

I broke down and bought the HP Touchsmart notebook finally. They had a really good deal that saved me like $500 on it. I am pretty pumped to get it. I am really going to try using it for gaming applications and such. I will probably post about how that works out in the future. I am really excited to get it, but I spent way more money than I should have this month. I will have to save some money in the coming months.

Don’t have much else to say right now. Seems like life is busy right now, and boring. When something happens I will have words to say.

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